New faces rock, the series. Episode 82: Yannick Konan

02 abr, 2014

Hello,  I might thank you for this interview, that’s very cool ! I’m Yannick, 22 years old, originally from Cote d’Ivoire (West Africa) 

The below pic by photographer Alexandre Alves



I live in France. I was born and I  grew up in Abidjan. I like  Fashion, Sport, Music (so far, because I sing everytime haha) and Cinema.  I study Communication and that’s why i‘m very  extrovert.  




A new face on the spot  

I decided to become model since last summer. And I’m launching my modeling career since about 7 months.  

Honestly, i was always attracted to fashion world but i was not conviced that i could really be a model. People around me and some friends encouraged me and i decided to try.  So i sent some basic photos to an agency and they answered to me the next day. This is how my modeling started.  

I was very stressed for my first test shooting and I didn’t know how to move like models in magazines, i had no idea about expressions. The photographers gave me some advices and from that day forward I try to learn more and more and to do things better. My actual projects are all about doing more editorials to build up my portfolio and my visibility.

And the best thing about modeling for me so far is my first show. I was so excited and anxious.






 Working with photographers: discussing ideas to achieve good results 

When I work with a photographer, I like to discuss with him before the shooting, in order to make us close and more relax. So I can know what he expects from me, and what kind of results he is looking for. This can help me to do my best to give  good results.

 I don’t have a special preparation, but I take many informations to release my imagination and be very relax when I pose. The day before, i try to sleep earlier to be in shape.

 I could be comfortable being naked in front of the camera, I have no problem about it, but I think that could depend on the working atmosphere.

 About funny backstages, I could talk about a comic time I had. I was  posing in the center of Paris, and the photographer wanted me to walk between the cars on the boulevard,  all white dressed in the night with flashing lights behind as a supernatural. People was taking me like a mad man. Two policemen came and asked  many questions and thought I was stupid to do that. The incomprehension among us was very funny.  





Male models x Female models : who rule?  

I might say that women still rule fashion Industry. Although the exposure of  male models are getting more and more attention.

As favorite male models that inspired me for pursuing a modeling career, I can mention Tyson Beckfrord, Adonis Bosso, Terence Telle, Axel Serine, Shaun Ross. And for female models, there are Naomi Campbell obviously, Tyra Banks , Ajak Deng, Jourdan Dunn…

 Yannick, a fashionista ? 

Yep, I am.haha!  I like fashion, I like to be cool and well dressed everytime, I think it boosts morale. I try to combinate different clothes to give them a cool effect ! I even pimp some of my clothes, because I want them to be different. I have some good websites that I keep secret LOL !   

Imagine u a famous model surronded by a huge crowd !  

I would take it easy ! I’m a very cool guy ! I´d  keep the smile, and I woul dtry to leave discretely as soon as possible :)


 On show business  

Show business is a very special world ! Although everything  and people can be very cool, you must not forget to pay attention everytime and mind your step.  

His style, concerning

Dating x Loving  

A skinny jean, some cool shoes to match it, a slim fit shirt and a coat.

10150930_1480648338818162_511454320_n 10151093_1480648378818158_316706155_n


Sneakers, always skinny jean, a bomber jacket with a cool tee-shirt and a hat.

If you could have a super power, what would it be ? Who´s your fav super hero ?

 If i could have a super power, it would be the power to stop time in order to enjoy every moment and put right the mistakes of the past.

 My favorite superhero is Batman, he looks great with his cape and his charism.

Dumbest thing u´ve ever heard a model say

 « i don’t approach people and discuss with them, it is up to them to do it ».



Atracting someone´s attention

I don’t have a special way to attract someone’s attention. I just try to stay cool and natural. I like discretion. But when i want something, i try everything to make it happen.

Having fun, enjoying life

My way to have fun is to get dumb with my friends (LOL).


Craziest thing in a sumeer time season

The craziest thing i’ve ever done in a summer time season is to head out on a hikie without plan to take along some nutritious, and to be lost for about 5 hours (it was last summer haha, i won’t never do this again, never of my life haha).

In your Ipod 

I don’t have a favorite singer.  I listen every kind of music which could make me fly away : Pop, pop soul, rock, Hip hop, techno, R’N’B, Rap…


I don’t have favorite food, but i might say chicken beause i’m black (just kidding).

Fav underwear for daily and those cool sexy moments 

My favorite underwear is still the boxer


 Guilty Pleasure

 Pancakes or crepes with so many chocolate running down haha !


Next chapters 

My projects for the next monthsis to travel. I wish i could go all around the world and get good experience in modeling, enjoying my life. I‘d like to go to NYC, London, Tokyo, to enjoy Rio de Janeiro and South Africa.

I hope to meet another and good contacts, new beautiful people.

I have so many dreams that i want to come true. For now, i’m about to work hard to make them happen.



Yannick Konan

Mother Agency Vip Models Paris


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