Meet the photographer Wong Sim

05 dez, 2013


My name is Wong Sim, a photographer but I am an architect as well. I am an Indonesian Chinese.


I love photopraphy since I was a kid I guess. But learning with film camera was quite hard at that time. Had to wait 1 week to see the result :) So I quit photography until late 2007 when my relative gave me a free ticket to travel to China. I wanted a digital camera for that trip so I bought my first DSLR.

Living in a small town and shooting only 2 guys

I live in a very small town so really nothing to shoot. In 2009 I decided to start using my camera because I felt guilty for buying expensive camera but never use it. I tried to find models to shoot. It was really hard when I just started, I only managed to shoot 2 guys for practice in 2009.


The big break

I did some more on early 2010 then by mid 2010 I got big break. A National Wide Fitness/Model Competition offered me to shoot for them. What a surprise! Then at the same year I shot for Mr. International 2010 and shot for billboard and packaging product as well. I never thought I will go this far when I bought my first dlsr camera.

 And now here I am, try to work more as photographer while still doing some architectural job. It is much easier for now of course as I have more experience and social media really help to connect with models and other talents.

 I am still building my portfolio but at the same time I still live in my hometown Banjarnegara which is quite far from the Capital City, Jakarta where most models stay. I need more than 7 hours to go to Jakarta, so schedule to shoot is a little bit harder for me. I am hoping to find a way to move to Jakarta so I can be more flexible.





The main influences

My influences in photography are from famous photographers such Tony Duran, Bruce Weber, Steven Meisel, Richard Avedon, Mert & Marcus and many more. They’re my inspiration to get better and better.

The digital era means a better digital quality?

 Digital for me is much better to learn photography. We know the result right away, but in regards to quality, I dont know, never do scientific test about digital quality. But I think in terms of technology it is getting better and better. Digital is still quite early stage right now.

Working with the models

In Jakarta, models mostly coming from Brazil  and Russia. I love working with them. Learn new things from them too, such language and culture. For me it is always nice and interesting to meet new people. For now I shoot mostly male because it is much easier to prepare. I can do it by myself. But I start shooting female too, to expand my horizon.


 And I feel great if my work can help their career. To know that your work can be useful for them.

The worldwide economic crisis on fashion photography

It’s hard for me to see with my position right now. But I just hope I can continue to work and get more involved in the industry.






The special moments making special pics

Hmmm the feeling is hard to explain :) happy and excited of course and lucky at the same time. It is just happen I guess…especially when it is show up on your camera the way you visualized on your head

Top 5 cool moments for a shooting and why 

1. Studio is very comfortable because it has air conditioner haha and lighting is easier to set up. I can work alone in studio.

2. Rooftop because I prefer clean background.

3. Beach for what else…the beach itself :)

4. Bedroom with big window

5. Balcony for the the natural light








A good picture can tell you so much words by just looking at it. That´s why photography is interesting to me.

The Projects

 I just finished shooting for Mr. International 2013 and magazine. I hope I can get more works in 2014. Working for the second Mr. International 2013 pageant is quite interesting  to able to meet up with people from all over the world.

I am still planning for my next project so I really can´t tell because it´s still in very early stage.

My very special moment was when I had my first paid job as photographer for a big event at the same time…that was priceless. 


hmm I never really pay attention to motto actually but all I wanna do is just to keep on improving, to be a better photographer.

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