William Oliveira: “My first show was in São Paulo, the city where it all began and it was very exciting been part of it”

24 jan, 2014

Hi folks, I´m William Oliveira, a brazilian model and I was born in Santo André, located in the state of São Paulo. 


My interest is a healthy life with sports around even because I´ve played pro basketball for several years back in Brazil. I really enjoy music and the fashion life that gave me  opportunity to see the world .


Modeling: how did all begin

Well, I didn´t decide myself, I  got discovered from a friend of my friends at a club and then the booker Carla Amaral  pushed me to do it.  That time I didn´t know about modeling world, but now here I am guys to do my best! 

My first test shooting  was quite funny cause as I have told you before, I had no idea about it but then it came my first job for Windows XP campaign.

The best thing about modeling is the opportunity to learn about diferent cultures and metting people around the world and also learn about ourselves as human beings. It´s really a fascinating experience!





Posing to photographers: different styles and opinions

Well, you always got to learn once you working with the photographers cause  I deal with different styles, opinions,  so it´s really important to find your moment inside the shooting. There s no previous preparation for it, once I´m in the studio , I focus on what the client really expect from me and I´m ready !

I´ve  never posed naked but I´m pretty sure that I would be uncomfortable at some point.

The catwalks´s experiences: huge adrenalin and energy

My first show was in São Paulo, the city where it all began and it was very exciting been part of it.

 It´s always a huge adrenalin in the backstages.  After the runway is over and I see myself on pics sometimes I just can´t believe that is really me lol!



When I´m walking down the catwalk I feel like doing  a good job for the client and for myself . That gives me  such a good energy and a happy feeling after the show is over .

I´ve walked for Mario Queioz , Benneton , Diesel , John Varvatos , Energy , Afro Reggae , Craig Port , Gavin Rajah , David Tlale , Levis, just to name a few !.  



Gisele and Lucca, as an inspiration for his modeling career

My fav male model is Lucca Alves and female is Gisele Bundchen

Lucca is a great friend of mine from whom  I´ve learnt all the tips to be a good model and a person who inspired me to pursue my dreams with his own and unique way of work on this business. He is for me the best male model ever that I´ve seen in my whole model life !!!

Gisele is GISELE what to say about this woman? She deserves all compliments she has earned but more then that:  she is still taking care of herself and  her career since the first day she started it , That´s so inspiring!


William´s style, a fashionista?

Yup , I am :). If you are a model it´s a must knowing  what´s going on   fashion trends. But I usually  wear a basic jeans , boots and a nice shirt  here in Europe. When I´m in Brazil nice shorts and flip-flop are enough .

Just imagine you a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd !

I´d  give them my time and just be myself. I´d very happy that they noticed me .


Show business, Fame, Success: who rule?

It´s a big business for sure ,  alot of power in the fashion industry. I don´t think we get so much attention as the female models. but we´ve been working hard to get more exposure

Dating x Loving

Give Love to be LOVED .

Your favorite superhero

My grandfather and besides him, ALen iverson is my superhero

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

If I had a super power I would like to make people equal to each other 


The dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say

Never mind we all say something shit ….

Having fun, enjoying life

I have fun in a basketball court . I like to go out and dance good music doen´t matter the style as long is good . I enjoy life traveling around the world

Craziest thing in a summer time season

Going for a casting in  Germany but I was in South Africa a day before



Fav body part and underwear

I don´t have a fav body part. I guess it´s the whole package.  Fav underwear is black box 


 My Ipod rocks with some nice Foo Fighters albums

Fav food

My fav food is food lol

If you weren´t a model, you´d be….

I would be  a basketball player even because I´m still playing hehe.



Next Chapters

I want to know more and be ready for new challenges in this industry. I´m in Milan now  where I´m based but looking foward for new great things coming soon.  My main goal would be spend some time in New York .



Agency : WHY NOT Models Milan  http://www.whynotmodels.com/ 

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