Baixada Santista rocks, the series: model William Mendes

16 set, 2012

Hi folks, my name is William Mendes. I was born in Guarujá,  coast of São Paulo, Brazil.

I like reading about literarure and philosophy. I enjoy running and weight lifting practice. My hobby is

to create stories and play RPG   Friends and family always told me I had “the look”, just never paid attention. I grew up and then I decided to give a try. I did a modeling course in Santos and I really loved it.

My first show was in August 2010, when I had the feeling that catwalk was something addictive :)

Working with a photographer is always good because we learn a lot about ourselves, physically and mentally. We learn how to pose, look, move, every single detail.

The previous preparation? I read the briefing and I try to figure out what´s on customer´s mind. This help us to do our best with professionalism.

I like pics of naked art. These pics are always striking and powerful.

The shows are always thrilling and exciting: photographers, press, makeup artists, hair stylists and guests. That myriad of lights and people watching you. It´s an amazing moment!

I´ve walked for stylists Simon and Patricia Aline Cassiane in Guarujá, Santos  and beauty pageants in São Paulo.

The market has been growing for men, but women still rule. Altough the big brand names always invest in male models to represent their products. David Gandy for Dolce & Gabanna and Garret Neff for CK are successful models.

I like to feel stylish. I follow the latest trends, but I like to wear a mix of sport line and casual

Show Business has always been a way to get more visibility for any artist. It is a great platform to spread his/her talent beyond the physical beauty which is necessary for a model.

My inspirations are the brazilian models Francisco Lachowski, Diego Miguel, Diego, Evandro Soldati and Marlon Teixeira. I also admire David Gandy,  Garrett Neff, Sean O’Prye, Simon Nessman. And concerning the girls, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Isabeli Fontana and Izabel Goulart

Running and Cycling are my fav sports. And gym all the way!

My way of attracting someone’s attention is to be well-dressed and make a safe approach with elegance

I enjoy being with friends and family, whether at home or in a party. Enjoying good times with good people is always very special moments for me

Friendship means trusting. Loving is a mixing of passion and trusting

Craziest thing in a summertime season? Drunk and wearing a woman´s dress during the Carnival lol

Abs is my fav “well defined” body part :)

Michel Bubble is always on my Ipod

Spaghetti with meatballs, my fav food

CK For my daily activities and for those cool sexy moments

If I weren´t a model, I´d be a writer

My actual projects is to study Englisn and Spanish and get ready for my final exams, I’m still not sure which way I go first: Psychology or Literature. I also intend to move to São Paulo,to improve my modeling career.

An unforgettable moment for me was to learn how to walk through the catwalk

My motto: The real patience is able to wait without losing enthusiasm. Focus, Strength and Faith!

Age: 25

Full Name: William Mendes de Souza.

Mother agency: by Clô

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