Weder Wilham: some highlights on his modeling career

31 mar, 2012

Hello World of Models family, nice to be here again to share some updates on my modeling career, so here we go folks!

Well, after Fashion Rio I did the new Zoom campaign in São Paulo, then I came back to Rio de Janeiro for some fashion campaigns like Armadillo and Option jeans. After that, another international modeling trip, this time I travelled to Paris and Germany.




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The funny backstages moments: Fashion Rio

Hahahahah, yep yep, I always have a real good time in the backstages. In the Blue Man show during the Fashion Rio my buddies (they are models too) and I had to wear our trunks in front of everyone, all together from the same agency, so u guys can imagine the f* mess, laughs, jokes lol lol lol

Worldwide economic crisis on fashion industry?

I think the fashion world today has changed a lot. Milan nowadays, is not the same fashion place like it used to be before.
My country Brazil is doing great into the fashion industry. Well, not only for fashion but also a cool place for living andworking in different professions as well. Asia is another terrific place for modeling market. I was there and I enjoyed it a lot. Good jobs!

Women still rule!

Yep yep guys, no question about it! We, the male models, are doing great, but the female models still rule. After all, they are beautiful, especially the brazilian models and I think they will dominate the fashion world for a long time.

Posed naked already?

I´ve already posed naked, but not full rontal and honestly I don´t see any problem at all. I think art nude is beautiful and people should see it as an expression of art. I also enjoy the black and white photos and photographers Mario Testino and Bruce Webber.

Fav body part

My eyes

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments lol

I always wear white underwears

In his Ipod

My favorite artist is DJ David Guetta because I really enjoy DJs and house music

Fav food


If u are not a model, u´d be…

Tennis player. Before modeling, I used to play tennis. Well, I´m still doing great, so just invite me for a cool play lol


Having fun, enjoying life

I go to some parties with some buddies of mine

Upcoming modeling  projects

In May, New York, here I go!



Mother agency: 40 graus models