Wayne Stephens: “Show business is a very hard and crazy business. I love it but I would also never encourage anyone to do it”

25 jun, 2013

Thank you for having me! I am from Texas a town called Deer Park. It is a simple place but I love it. Growing up I always wanted to be a model/actor but it wasn’t realistic thats not what real people did so I went to the fire academy right after high school.

Some of my interests are reading I love a good book, mexican food, which is hard to find in the city, and Trisha Yearwood. I have been a huge fan for over twenty years now.

Modeling: how did all begin?

It all started with those damn Abercrombie and Fitch catalogs as a teenager I would always look in them and think to myself I would love to be in that. Then one year my friend made me go with her to one of those model searches.

I always thought those kind of things were scams but because of it I met my agent and a few months later moved to New York. I was scouted by my first agency Boss Models of NY. I shot for a magazine called Gentleman’s options and moved the next month to become a full time model. It took me about a year in the city to book my first big campaign but once I got it that jobs started coming in much faster.

Posing to the photographers: feeling comfortable

I just like to feel comfortable with my surroundings and to know Im working with a great photographer.When I know I have a big shoot its a must that I get a good nights sleep or I am useless the next day.

I have never posed naked but, like most models, I have gotten pretty close.

The funny (or unusual?) backstages´ moments: underwear is missing :)

My favorite backstage story is when I booked my first fashion show. I woke up really late, jumped in the shower threw on my pants shirt and rushed to the job. When I got there everyone was throwing on there outfits for the show, boys girls all in the same room. So I started in a rush and then I realized somehow I forgot to put on underwear. don’t ask me how. So you can imagine all the problems I had to work around.

Acting is also one of his passions too

When I was ten years old I was watching Cool Hand Luke with my dad and from the second I saw Paul Newman on tv I knew that, thats what I wanted to do. So I got into some acting classes the next year and I was absolutely terrible but I kept at it and some years later my first audition came for a Denise Quad Movie called the Rookie.

I was so nervous during that audition and flubbed all my lines but some how I got the role of one of the kid baseball players I think by the time editing came you saw me for all of about five seconds. But I was still excited to see myself on screen. For some reason I am really drawn to darker and broken characters so I am hoping that I get to do more of those kind of roles as my career moves forward.

Show business, Fame, Success…

Show business is a very hard and crazy business. I love it but I would also never encourage anyone to do it. What does fame and success mean for me? Just be a working actor I don’t need to be famous by any means just to be important enough to be considered for good jobs.

Beauty x Professionalism: which one really matters for a successful career?

 This is a tough one. Being good looking can be very helpful but I also feel like it can work against you as well. I know as an actor sure you can get a job just because the way you look but at the same time. I feel like people may also look at you and think your less talented just based on your appearance.

Imagine u a famous actor/model surrounded by a huge crowd! And what about the fans?

Smile and try to get out of the room as fast as possible.

I think fans are the most importante. Without them there would be no career to celebrate.

Wayne´s style

Dating x Loving

Haven’t dated much. I met the love of my life in high school

Never really watch them

Atracting someone´s attention

I hate attention whores. I like to stand in the background and be mysterious. It’s way more interesting to catch someone attention that.

Having fun, enjoying life 

 I love watching movies eating great food and just being around the important people in my life. Also a good dirty Martini once in awhile

  The craziest (nastiest?) in a summer time season

Remember The Hangover… I was 18 and went with a bunch of friends to México. We started drinking some green drinks and the rest is history . We spent the rest of the trip trying to pick up the pieces. It was very interesting what we found out and what we didn’t

  Fav body part and why

Its kinda strange but I’m gonna say my nose. I use to hate it when I was young because of the hump I have in the middle of it. But once I started modeling, it turned out fashion people considered it to be a good strong nose.

  In his IPOD

Mostly country and lots of Trisha Yearwood. If you don’t know her you should make it a point to find out!

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments  :)

I like my white polo boxer briefs. For all occasions.

  Fav food

Mexican hands down
If u weren´t a model/actor u´d be..

Probably a fire man

An unforgettable moment

The first thing that comes to mind is when I booked my first supporting Role in a Movie called Premium Rush – with Joseph Gordon Levitt. When I got the call from my manager telling me I got the part, was one hell of a moment


What matters isn’t being applauded when you arrive – for that is common – but being missed – Baltasar Gracian

Wayne´s hints for the aspiring models

For all you folks that want to be a model make sure you really want it. Be prepared for a lot of rejection and to bust your ass everyday. And be nice to everyone. It’s a small business and people talk.

Actual and upcoming projects

Right now I’m really working hard on my acting but on the flip side I will model as long as people want to hire me. I have a few thing just out and coming. I recently shot a few Days for One Life To Live, The Good Wife and a new Gerard Butler movie. I have a commercial running for Droid and a Marlboro campaign and a few editorials on its way. And I’m very excited about a movie me and my business partner Nicholas Calhoun wrote and produced called Wish you Were www.bornyoungproductions.com

And when you´ll come to my world bud? 

 I’m sure I will be there soon!
Full name: Wayne Stephens
Age: 31
Mother agency: Wilhelmina Models http://www.wilhelmina.com/

IMDb http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2285111/