Wagner de Moura: “We´ve been getting a huge exposure, however female models rock this business”

27 fev, 2016


Hello everyone.  It’s a pleasure to talk with you!!! I was born in a inner city, Itararé – SP. I love to play volleyball, soccer, snooker, games and for relaxing moments I read psychology and science fiction  books. I can’t forget about my favorite sitcoms: l Supernatural and The Walking Dead! :)




Modeling: how did all begin?

Since I was 14 people used to tell me that I had a profile to be a model, so they invited me to fashion show presentations in some stores. I had several opportunities to start with. One of these ones was an photographer´s invitation who saw me playing soccer,  but I was studying that time, and my family suggested me that I finished the course first.

I had a great support from my sister that encouraged me to grab this career and here I am now signed to Divo Management enjoying every moment of this fantastic career!

Posing to photographers and the backstages




I always listen to good music and when the shooting starts the business flows! Once. I’ve almost hit my face on the ground trying to walk on the wall but the result  was fantastic. I got it  hahaha

The runway shows

I´ve already walked for Triton, Erre Nove- Thiago Paes, Ronaldo Silvestre. Carmen Steffens (Raphael Steffens). Ana Glafira, Danilo Costa, Lino Villaventura, Amapô, Ratier. Benetton, Sisley, just to name a few!





Once I was ready to walk through the catwalk but I had the urge to go to the bathroom to pee hahaha . But when It came my turn to enter the catwalk I was not feeling to pee anymore,   When I’m walking down the catwalk it´s a cool sensation. I think my look is awesome and fantastic. It’s exciting walk and here I go!

Male models x Female models: who rule this business?



We´ve been getting a huge exposure, however female models rock this business.

I don´t have any fav model but I admire Ed Marquezini for had done some nice fashion editorials,  and. of course, Gisele Bundchen.

Wagner´s style: a fashionista?

So so, because I always try reap what I find interesting of each place, work and people I have seen. About my daily life depends on my mood, I usually wear boots, jeans, t-shirts with different prints or just a black one. To be honest I kinda like to mix the 70’s, 80’s, mainly the 90’s.


Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

 It depends on the situation. Maybe the waist game or I´d try to run away! I don’t know Hahaha, but I just know that this is so strange.  Once a similar situation  happened to me. A person shouted in Duomo, Milan: “Hey, that´s Wagner from Brazil!!!” and everyone looked at me, I freaked out and it only left me a choice:   I had to run out hahaha

Superpowers and super heroes

I’m the rocker style… Hummm I like several superheroes, but answering the question, I prefer the Spiderman, however I’d love to fly and have the Superman´s powers




Atracting someone´s attention

Just being myself

Fav booking so far

In Venice for Sisley fashion show!


I love rock music, always my play list you can find a lot of heavy metal, power metal and hard rock, but now you can find some different styles  I’m addicted too: You & me (Flume remix), Disclosure, What’s the matter – Milo Greene, Sugar – Robin Shulz/ Francesco Yates, Kids – Mgmt, Ghost town – The weekend, Firestone – Kygo.

Fav body part

My face and hair

Nickname at school

People used to  call me Elf, Sebastian Bach and my family used to call me Sauro hahaha.



Guilty pleasure

I´m chocolate´s addicted guy 

You in the next 10 years

I can see myself working with my own business

If u weren’t a model….

I’d be on Army


The Projects


 I’m studying administration at UFPR and trying to keep modeling. I’m thinking about traveling to NY on my next fashion season and also I´m thinking about creating my own business after I finish my studies.   Motto: Think globally and act locally


Wagner de Moura Jorge, 23 years, 23; 1,86m *height) 38 (weight),; 42 (shoesize)

Agency: Divo Mgmt  http://www.divomgmt.com/ 

Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor



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