Vladimir Pelikh: some highlights on his modelins career

09 jul, 2017

The handsome Vladimir Pelikh is back to to World of Models to share his cool moments working, enjoying and having fun around the world!

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Hello everyone! Last time I was telling you about myself it was like 8 months ago. To be honest I took a 4 month vocation traveling in Latin America and and been working just 4 last months.




Nothing really big was done, except may be one job. Which was with Heidi Klum. We shoot “German Next Top Model 2017″ in Hollywood, LA. For those who doesn’t know – it’s big German TV show where girls participating to get the name “best German model”. So my task in this season was – make all girls nervous and see how they´d show their skills, how they´d react.

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The main pong was make them shy. In the beginning they had no idea why they came to Hollywood and what are waiting for them.

They changed clothes to underwear, and then I got out of the trailer with my underwear and stuff brought the car with a platform where was big bad. So we payed ok that bed and we needed to make some hot shots together while the car was taking us around whole Hollywood and thousands and thousands of people were starring at us, taking pictures, screaming etc. Heidi was controlling the process, giving some advises to the girls. I never had so much fun. It was just craziest shoot I’ve ever done.


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About my other recent jobs I can’t say to much. I did 2 campaign in Ecuador, one was for biggest shopping mall name De Prati, for clothes brand “VATEX”, and TV commercial for credit card, “Diners Club”. Also few catalogs for local brands in Ecuador, a  TV commercial in Mexico City for shopping mall center, 1 campaign for one Central American brand calls “Branson” in El Salvador. one campaign in Chile for underwear brand called “Kaiser”. Few shows and few catalogs in Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico and Ukraine back home.





I also went to Cancun region and I would say it’s amazing. I’ve been to a few islands, cities and villages there and I loved it. Visited some Maya’s old cities, did diving and snorkeling. In Ecuador I went to every beautiful places. Jungles, beaches, volcanos and lakes. I met a girl there I’m staying already 7 months with. So I keep going back to Ecuador all the time. Then I back home to Ukraine and traveled with her there showing my country. We had an amazing time and visited some nice places with beach and old cities, castles, etc. In Colombia i didn’t see much, just 2 cities, few museums when I had time. Same in Chile and Salvador. Didn’t have lot of time.

Vladimir in good shape from head to toe!





About diet. I don’t do it. Yes I try to eat healthy but not always. I’m lucky to have good metabolism so I don’t really care about what I eat. I don’t work out for almost half a year, just started week ago. Want to gain more weight. What can I say: training a lot , eating good  and healthy, drinking protein, sleeping well, being happy, don’t stress, thinking positive, don’t smoke, don’t go out and drink alcohol often  – that’s the main things to keep good body.

 Modeling pays off! 

Yes, modeling is my job. I don’t do anything else. I pay my bills, tickets, travels, buying stuff and saving money. Starting to think about doing something else. But for now  modelingt brings me money and joy – I’ll do it!

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Newxt chapters

After I finish with my current contract in Shanghai – I’ll go to Ecuador, and I think I’ll stop doing long termine contract. Will settle down for a while with my girlfriend, will keep working as model in Ecuador and other countries where I have agencies I’m signed with: LA, Miami, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia doing direct bookings or very short contracts. I want to start training harder, making diet, mixing different kinds of sports to improve my body and become a fitness model.


Now I´ve just arrived in China, Shanghai. Hope to get some interesting jobs too. Haven’t been here for a few years.


Vladimir Pelikh – Insta https://www.instagram.com/odessavlad/

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Shoe size: 43/44 eur (10.5 USA

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Height: 185

 Weight: 80 Kg

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Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor

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