Viviane Oliveira: “I see this new century as a huge and growing opportunity for ethnic models. I feel real excited and proud about all these changes!”

02 jun, 2011

Hello World of Models family!


 I´m Viviane Oliveira, brazilian model, 19 years old and I was born in the awesome coast of the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

I am interested in knowing and learning even more about my career and always making progress.

My family and friends always supported me to follow a  modeling career so in 2006 when I was 16 I participated in Elite Modeling Contest in São Paulo and  then I got signed by this agency.



The best thing about modeling  is to be able to meet such different people, unique life styles and learn about these cultures around the world.

I see this new century as a huge and growing opportunity for ethnic models. It´s a whole new conception so different than we used to face in the last century. I feel real excited and proud about all these changes!

I like the good energy that surround us when I´m posing to the lens of a photographer. It´s a huge adrenalin!


I´ve already walked for such cool brands/designers like Lenny, Dudu Bertolini, Ronaldo Fraga, Melkz-Da, Cláudia Simões, Alessa, Walter Rodrigues, Adriana Degreas, Maria Bonita, Ranieri Wilson, Juliana Jabour, Tufi Duek, just to name a few!

A fashionista?

Yup, I think I´m a little bit fashionista. I like to wear comfortable clothes to make me feel real good, the basic jeans, sandals…

A famous model surrounded by a huge crowd? Wow! It would be a funny situation but a little bit scaring moment! Hmmm, as a matter of fact I really don´t know how I´d react!

I just see show biz like, for example, a fashion week in Brazil. There, you can see a mixture of so many talented fashion designers, stylists, models, photographers, scouters.

Fame is futile. Success is the result of your professionalism and makes you improve even more to achieve your goals.

Most important things for my life:

Be successful professionally

Having fun: chilling out with my buddies, going to Ibirapuera (a brazilian park, located in São Paulo), clubs, snack bars

Eyes are my favorite body part. I think they show a lot of myself and also I love smile.

In my IPOD I listen  Beyonce, Florence the machine, 50 cent, David Guetta, Katty Perry and Exaltasamba.
Fav food: lasagna, stroggonoff, feijoada, sallads and all types of pasta.

An unforgettable moment: Tuffi Duek´s campaign and a surprise visiting of our übber brazilian model Gisele Bündchen in our backstage. Definitely an amazing moment that will forever be in  my mind.

And that´s all folks! Thank you again World of Models family. I´m now in the city of Cabo (south Africa) working a lot. I love the fashion world!


Viviane Oliveira

Contact info: Ello Model

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