Photographer Vinicius Mochizuki: “A very special moment was when I had the pleasure to shoot the actor Jim Carrey !!”

20 jun, 2015

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Hello, the pleasure is mine !!! I am brazilian, born and raised  in the state of Paraná and I work today in Rio de Janeiro.

My career began when I was a teenager in art school.

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I can not define me, but I’m a guy who tries to do my best in every job. 

My influences comes from a mix of brazilian styles, sexy, funny, pop and dramatic!

 The impact of digital age on photography 

I think it helped us a lot and our work became more dynamic, but I feel that shooting with film is an unique experience and always will be!

 Special moments making good pics!

 The camera is an extension of your body and the picture is our soul that reflects these moments, so when that special moment happens it means that we´ve reached the highest state of our art !!!

That´s  wonderful !!!

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 Working with the models and the funny backstages´ moments 

I am very proud and grateful to work with them. We are a real teamwork!

 Backstages´ moments are always fun, but one day I was in Tokyo to shoot a model and it was very cold. After the shooting, I was getting back to hotel and I got lost! After some hours looking for the place I finally met a person who spoke Portuguese,  but he was lost too hahahah.

Top places for a shooting and why

Vinicius Mochizuki16

 Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Rio de Janeiro, old houses and cemeteries.

All these places are unique and have great stories.


YES !!!

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 An unforgettable moment 

A very special moment was when I had the pleasure to shoot the actor Jim Carrey :)

Vinicius Mochizuki14 

 The Projects 

I’m organizing an exhibition of brazilian artists and models. I want to show my thoughts on this business and its consequences . I recently was with brazilian model Thiago Perri, who is in Milan now. I shared in this interview some of recent pics with my editorial with him.

 Thank you so much World of Models family, it´s always  important to change with you guys my experiences and meet new friends around the world!

I am very happy to be invited for this interview, I hope to see everyone in my exhibition coming soon !!!

Many hugs and kisses !!!

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Instagram: @viniciusmochizuki

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 Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor



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