Victor Motricaia: “When the catwalk is over, there are many people out there wanting to take some pics with you. It´s really cool”

27 fev, 2016


Hello World of Models! My name is Victor, I am 21 years old and I´m a model of  Elite model  Milan.


I’m a outgoing guy, funny and I love hanging out with my friends and my girlfriend.

 I was born in Moldova, but I almost always lived in Italy. I moved here when I was 7 years old thanks to my parents who have done many sacrifices to make me feel the best they can.

 I do not have many passions, but the ones that I’ve committed almost all days. I love to read and study everything related to technology and the economy.

When I was a little boy I  started with classic dance, then I moved on to football and practiced for years and also Takewondo. I love Sports! When I turned 16, I started going to the gym because I was too skinny, I weighed 70 kg and watched with admiration the Buff. Then with time it has become an obsession until I was came to weigh 110 kg, and from then on I decided to transform my physical again to be more athletic.


Modeling: how did all begin


Actually becoming a model had always been a dream of mine since childhood. I have always loved the spotlight. t, I feel very comfortable to stay in front of so many people.  For this reason I became a model and to be able to pull out and pose for important brands around the world.

In 2009 I attempted a first approach to get into this world, but the agency that I had contacted was not professional, I had heard that they charge a lot of money and then did not work.

In May I saw in the Internet an announcement of Elite´s competition, I thought “I will do it just to try it and then a tour in Milan”, And, guess what, things went very well :)


Posing to photographers

 When I do the shooting, it is a fantastic time. The photographers I´ve worked with until now have been amazing, They do an incredible job.

I don´t have any previous preparation, I just follow my instincts and try to be as natural as possible.


 The runway shows

 My first runway experience was to Pignatelli show, I arrived early to Westin Palace,   then the others came too and we became friends. It was very simple, there was a little preparation and lets start the show! Lots of clothes and a cool experience! I´ve already walked for Bikkembergs and Una too.

 When the catwalk is over, there are many people out there wanting to take some pics with you. It´s really cool :)




Male models x Female models: who rule this industry?

No doubt, women still rule this business!

Victor, a fashionista?

 I like to feel myself comfortable with elegant and casual clothes but I don´t follow any particular trend.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

 I would be happy and I’d take a pic with everyone. Fans are real important to our career, so we have to treat them t well.

On show business

 I´ll be into show biz sooner or later, it´s just a matter of time. I really enjoy it, but at this moment I have other goals.




Superpowers and super heroes

 I’d like to have the power of teleportation. I travel very often and it involves a large amount of energy and time. so teleportation would be a blast!

Favorite superhero is Superman, hehas many powers and use them wisely. Undoubtedly an example to follow.

Having fun, enjoying life

 Hang out , dance and joke with my friends. I also enjoy poker and going out with my girl

Fav body part and underwear for all moments

My  abs, in fact I keep it in shape to have the six-pack.

For underwear, I use boxer briefs, they are comfortable.


Music and Food

 I listen to Eminem, Disclosure and several styles of music with nice rhythms. I like songs that give you a huge boost, such as those rap or house. for example.

 Chicken, eggs and salad. No joke, I like so much the burgers and junk food, but I eat healthy to keep myself in shape.

Nickname at school

 They used to call me the Bodybuilder or simply Vic.


victor shooting 

Unforgettable moments

 It was when I saw my parents after 3 years. There would be so many things to remember, as some crazy evenings with my friends, Another great moment was when I saw my parents after so many years they had been away. It was an incredible feeling.


If u weren´t a model

 I would be an entrepreneur, and in fact I´m working to be soon.

Yourself in 10 years

 I see myself in Los Angeles in my fantastic villa, along with my girlfriend, friends and especially with family.


 Next Chapters

 I want to keep modeling.  but also focusing on my startup businessTaskyjob, I’m working hard to launch this big project. I’m opening this company along with  colleagues in London and I am very optimistic

There are many things to do, but with the right commitment and the right actions we[çç be able to achieve our goals!

victor microsoft taskyjob

For next year I’m going to move to San Francisco.

And when you´ll come to my world bud?

 I will come to you soon :)



Victor Motricala / 21 years / 188cm / 84 kg / 45

 Elite Model Milanp

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor 



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