Victor Mathe: some highlights on his modeling career and other stuffs!

19 ago, 2011

I started modeling at the age of 14 after being pushed to enter my high pagent by my class mates and I never looked back!

Three years ago at the age of 18 I did my very first test with top south african photographer Byron Keulemans – a test that booked me my first job – a campaign for South African jewellery ‘ Sterns’.

Being a black Model in South africa is a  Plus – unlike when I’m in Milan, London or Paris, there is more work for a black model in Capetown than Europe for obvious reasons :)

My favourite Photographer is Another Local (South African ) Photographer Gerda Genis – I shot a Campaign for a leading department store in S.A ( Woolworths) with her. She in the Queen of Photography in S.A :)

Backstages are always crazy – total chaos – make up artist , dressers , models , but its always fun fun fun!!

My Fav designers in S.A are Carducci, Craig Port. And internationally I love Vivienne Westwood.

I’m not a serious fashionista – I’m more comfy in tracksuits haha!

Male models popularity is sort of gaining weight since Madonna, Kylie started dating Male models hahaha.

Personally I’m a very shy boy kinda guy , but when on the runway I’m a different person as I potray the clothes not me! And Fame has never been the driving force in my career I just love modeling.

Sports- I’m a big Rugby fan

Music- Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Meital de Razon , Kylie Minogue, Coldplay, Pitbull, Offer Nissim.

Food- Microbiotic diet, as a model good health is vital.

Fav body part – I’m always told that I have a nice smile!

Underwear- I prefer boxers

I’m currently single and looking :)
Models live in the public eye though I’m very shy which I tend to be a homebody. If I’m not shooting or casting then I’m at gym or home watching movies. I hardly do the clubbing scene unless it´s an important fashion industry function.

If I were not a model I´d be a Politician which I believe I´ll do one day – My grandfather was the Vice President of my Native country Zimbabwe ( Joshua Nkomo )

My Mother Agency is Pure Management, based in Capetown, I’m also represented by WhyNotModels in Milan , Storm in London and Star in Johannesburg !

Age- 23

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