Rio 40º , the series: Model Vicente Tuchinski

27 jul, 2013

Hello World of Models family, I’m Viicente Tuchinski, brazilian guy from Canoinhas, Santa Catarina  (so pride to live there!).





I enjoy life to the fullest and one of  my mottos is never give up!






I´ve been modeling since 2010, but I´ve never thought about becoming a model before!  I was discovered when I was walking down the street and I´m loving it. So far so good! 

The Photographers: doing his best to achieve the best results

Posing to them means doing my best to get the best results. I don´t have any previous preparation, but I like to hear what´s on their minds before every shooting. It´s really cool!

Male Models x Female Models

Women rule! But, we are working hard to change it :)

Any role model as an inspiration for your career?

I love a lot of models that inspire myself , for example, Diego Miguel and Marlon Teixeira

Vicente´s  style

A fashionista?

OOOOOH yes and no! I got my own style, sometimes it´s stylish, sometimes not but I wear what makes me feel comfortable. I think people must follow his/her happiness and not the fashion trends

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I like to be popular! and when you work hard for it, the result is terrific!  So, I´d enjoy it and make my fans happier than ever, giving hugs, signing autographs

Dating x Loving

Both are very important to me. I love a lot of ppl but now I’m focused on my job haha


My kind of life!. I´ve been playing sports since 3 years old and I never stopped, I really love that!

Atracting someone´s attention

I don´t know hahaha

 Having fun,  enjoying life

 I like to dance, sing, walk, run, eat, chilling out with friends and family hahaha. I enjoy the simple moments. It’s essential to me

Craziest (nastiest?) thing in a summer time season

Once I did a tattoo in my face hahaha it’s a really a long and funny story, believe me!!

Fav body part and why

OMG, I don´t know hahaha

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments :)

I have some lucky underwears!! haha

In his IPOD

Whiz Khalifa – Wake up


Strogonoff, Barbecue, Pizza, Lasagna

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

I´ve been thinking about lots of professions but I haven´t decide it yet

An unforgettable moment

My first time ever diving with my friends and I found a giant turtle, It was amazing!!

And my special thanks to Villela’s Family. They´ve been helping me a lot during my stay in Rio. Love u guys!

Stay tuned for my upcoming updates on modeling world


Full name: Vicente Chiquito Tuchinski

Mother Agency: 40 Graus Models

tt: @theTuchinski Instagram: @youngvicent