Veridiano Tesch: “Sexy poses, fashion poses. A good music playing is part of a great shooting!”

17 abr, 2011

Born in december 17th,1991 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. My standard is prudence and discipline. Feet on the ground, I don’t let myself get carried away by anything that is deemed frivolous or too alluring proposals.   Punctual and responsible with my commitments, I don’t leave anything unfinished

I like Philosophy and Research. I study in order to get answers about the unknown. I try to live according to my experiences and discoveries, not by pre-established standards.Also I do not waste a single day of my life. I’m a person full of energy, enthusiasm and creativity. I like sunny days feeling the sun on my face, I like nice clothes and going out.

“Common sense and discretion are marks of somebody who takes seriously their personal and professional relationships.”

How did all begin

I wanted to attend university for engineering, but my modeling career came first, and in the future I want to open some companies (all related to fashion, of course!) and to live near Hollywood.

In Jully 2008, I attended to a modeling convention, where I met Sergio Mattos, the director of 40º models and others  scouters. Some days later I had got 4 calls from different agencies. I was requested by 8 agencies.The dream became reality.

I started working as a model on September, when I went to Rio de Janeiro to meet Sergio Mattos. He always helped me showing  the real model life.

My first photoshooting was with the recent married guy, the photographer Lucio Luna and it was amazing. It just made me be sure of what I really wanted to do. I love modeling!


Currently I ‘m living in Bangkok (Thailand), but I’ve also already lived in Shanghai, Milan and Paris. I’ve always had the support of my family in all my decisions and all that I am today I owe to them that allowed me to chose, just telling me the right and the wrong way.

Working with the photographers: talking to the cam!


Sexy poses, fashion poses.A good music playing is part of a great shooting!
To know what the client or the photographer is expecting from me,it’s very important. Sometimes, I prepare myself talking to the

The new sound system for LG


This video hasn´t launched in Brazil yet, but has already launched in other countries. It was produced in Bangkok, Thailand, at a club called Demo. It was a one day filming, the director was a korean guy and the owner of LG was there too. This commercial will be launched in 21 latin american countries by the middle of this year. Not sure if Brazil is included too.

The catwalks

I have walked for some famous brands, the first was a direct booking for DIOR HOMME, exclusively at Paris fashion week in 2009. It was also my first internatinal casting and I’ve got the job.I’ve spent in Paris about a month, after it, I went to Milan, where I spent 9 months there, then China where I spent some months and then, Thailand.

Diesel, Armani, Versace, Gianfranco Ferre, Zegna, Le Jeans, Prada, Lacoste, just to name a few. I love photo shoots, I love fashion shows, I love TV acting, I always give the best of me, 3 things come on my mind:  Modeling, Modeling and Modeling,

A fashionista? Sure, but I like to create my own fashion style and it keeps changing everyday. Usually I wear a tight jeans, Shirt, a nice belt or suspender. Sometimes a nice hat, surely my watch is part of my look!


Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd: It would be a great emotion, after all, they are my fans, the ones who love my work.

Fame, Sucess and 5 most important things for his life
Well, a person can become famous by killing someone else, isn´t it?
Fame is easier than success.
Success is a consequence of my actions and jobs.
5 most important things for me

# 1 Health- Everybody needs health to be alive
# 2- Family- All what I’m up to today I owe to them
# 3- Peace- we just attract great feellings when we are in peace
# 4- Friendship- I love my friends!
# 5 Money- I would discard it, but it is essential to be alive today, it is all about money.

Dating X Love: I am a very loving and caring person about my relationships
Sports: Volleyball is my favorite one
Having fun: Chilling out with my buddies, watching films in my apartment, going out and dance a lot.
The craziest (nastiest?) thing he´s ever done in a summer time season: lol!
Fav body part and why: My face, because when I look at the mirror, it shows me a image of what I am feeling, what I am up to.
Fav underwear for his daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!): Actually I don’t care about my underwear,  but I prefer the White and Red ones.
In his IPOD: Lady Antebellum, Jeremih- Imma star, Travie Mc Coy, I want to be a Billionaire and Bob Marley.
Fav food: brazilian food (the best around the planet!), italian, german and japanese food and even a good chinese food too (hard to find it)
An unforgettable moment: My travel to Paris for my first international job for Dior Homme when I was 16

Veridiano da Rosa Tesch, 19 years old
Mother agency: 40º Models

Some pics posted in this article by Didio