Valter Carvalho, the man behind GLAM Models!

30 mai, 2011




Hi folks, thanks for the interview! I am Valter Carvalho, 34 years old , I was born in Angola and I came to Portugal when I was 6 years old.I started modeling when I was 18 and since then my interests have been focusing on

 fashion world and having good times with my best friends and family!!!!

The man behind Glam Models

I was working as a model for about 15 years when one of my best friend invited me to open a model department at GLAM because that time they were working only for actors and celebrities. I wasn’t traveling for modeling so I accepted the invitation and started a new step in my life !!!

My major projects so far are to make a good scouting and send my best models to other countries so they´ll be able to get more exposure and experience as well.

The fashion “glamorous” world and the new generation of models

I think fashion world is very inspiring and, no doubt, glamorous! Nowadays, with all information available, effortless promotion of scouting actions and agencies looking for new faces, there are more models than some times ago. As a result, we have a much more competitive market for the new models´ generation. I think it´s better this way cause only the ones with a hard determination and professionalism wiil be real successful in this industry


The most rewarding moments for a model are, no doubt, when one gets a campaign for a renowned designer or for a highly respected brand. Then everything changes in a model´s career. Their own dedication to work and castings become even more professional.

IN and OUT on fashion trends

When I started modeling, the agencies were looking for tall men, with a good shape. Nowadays, the trend is  thin men, with distinctive facial lines, androgyne, a mixture of races, etc. As far as for women, it’s kind of the same thing, but in most of fashion shows, they are no more looking for women too thin (as we usued to see in the past). Nowadays you can see a whole diversity in the advertising campaigns.

Worldwide economic crisis affected the fashion industry?


If a brand has a huge decrease in its sales, the company stop investing, so nowadays. the brands should adapt its products to the consumers´ needs and to the actual market situation. So I think that we´ll have to handle with this crisis for a long time.

The key of the success and the upside/downside of a modeling career

To be successful in fashion world it is essential to have a lot of determination, focus, balance and professionalism. Without these aspects, you can hardly become a model. Just imagine living in a city far away from home, family and friends! You´ll have to handle it mostly of the times. The upside of a modeling career is getting in touch with new cultures, new countries, different people, and live such unique experiences.

His tips for those interested to join the fashion world

You should be prepared to a lot of sacrifices, realizing that is important to be in good shape (physically and mentally), focus, persistence, determination, professionalism and face every challenge and never stop being humble!

An unforgettable moment: A trip to carnival in Rio de Janeiro
Places he goes for fun:   ibiza
Motto: “Enjoy your life because life is too short!!!”

I hope to continue working as a model for a few more years and make the career of my models as successful as mine

Valter Carvalho

Contact info: Glam Models

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