Valentin Zweigert: “When I´m walking down the catwalk that is like riding a Ferrari and I enjoy my smooth walk like Danzel Washington in his movies”

30 mai, 2014

Helloooooo :) my name is valentin zweigert, I’m 28 years old, live in Hannover Germany  and my mother agency is Modelwerk in Hamburg Germany.



I was born in Moskva Russia and moved with 9 to my lovely Germany where I got the chance to  earn my money and experiences with modeling! I’m super interested in changing this world to a better place for everybody on it :) Therefore I like to calm my body and spirit with laughing, loving, Joga, karate, skateboarding around  in new towns, swimming and clearly partying my life. and celebrating this gift is helping me a lot to make it happen :)

I was born on the 15 of December as a Sagittarius, so I’m an optimist and know that all my tasks will be accomplished with the right power of will!





Modeling: How did all begin

This simple decision was made with 18 years in high school as I was supposed to choose my my main subjects for the last three years of my graduation. Everybody was concerned about earning big money,forget  about the fun and choose hard subjects like mathematics, language and natural science to establish a great money full future in a big company!

Just no to me. In my point of view I had known that I’ll always get the most benefit of my doing as long as I do it with passion and love! And my biggest passion was seeing myself in different characters, shapes  and clothes. Unluckily the was no such subject as acting or modeling so I chose painting and reading poetry because I got happy while doing it! This established the variety of my imagination which I needed later as a  model

Seven years later after I earned money in every possible job I started in a bookbinding fabric went further to selling jellies on a street, promoting any kinds of things, selling high brand fashion and studying fahion textile management.  In Netherlands things finally fall into each other and my intuition leaded me to a friends friend which invited me coincidently on a sunny day for a casting for a fashion online shop.

After standing there for one year in front of the camera of my great photographer Anja Schneemann , she sensed me to send some polaroids to all agencies in Germany and luckily  Modelwerk invited me to sign a contract!

Then I had my first testshoot with Ben Lamberty and things started really to roll :)))) Not that  my degree of fun during the testshoot went up, I showed what I’m possible and capable of and got plenty of great paid direct booked jobs with professional fashion clients in Germany and later all over the world






Posing to photographers: different emotions, moods and movements

I like to listen to his music taste while he’s shooting me. According to the different new emotions caused by the background music I’m always getting in different new moods and movements. He just have to catch the right moments from the right ankles which always shows me his talent in taking pictures

I try not to think about the expected result and always enjoy the makeup artist like I’m visiting my haircutter!

Posing naked and the funny backstages moments

Jop, If there is a woman I’m attracted to it’s harder to manage to stay professional, but I did something like this already for the Cosmopolitan paper and managed all of it!

At one fashion show while we had to change the outfits quickly I changed into a wrong one, because all the naked female models took too much of my attention :) in the end I’m still a healthy man who loses control after a while when he sees too much naked skin :)







 And talking about the fashion shows…..

I did fashion shows all over the world already and they are all pretty much the same, models become stars after a 10 minute catwalk and enjoy the after parties:)

When I´m walking down the catwalk that is like riding a Ferrari, I’m exactly there where I always wanted to be. I focus at one point in the end of the walk and enjoy my smooth walk like Danzel  Washington in his movies

 Male models rule this business?


Valentin Zweigert SC (3)

 I don’t think so, even if this is still a man´s world. Male models are luckily just the accessories who make a woman look even greater and get always less attention than her. According to my lovely  metaphor, male models are like a bottle of wine and grow in the taste and in their price the longer they stay in the fashion business and females are like tasty gorgeous beautiful fruits!

 Valentin´s style: a fahionista? 

I’m pretty grounded and like to wear collars which are suiting me.
I’m In love with my 5 year old blue and black jeans, my vans, a white T-shirt and my skateboard!

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Hahahahhah I think first of all I’ll be surprised and super happy to receive the attention, than I would wave my hand to them like the queen of England and search for a microphone to cheer my fans up and keep them I a great mood.

On show business

I’m my point of view the show business presents a dangerous combination of fun and role models and is therefore really powerful in influencing the way people look at their life!
Brad Pitt and Angelina  Jolie are a great example for this, both of them
get almost the same attention from their fans and have to think good before they do any steps in public! According to their way of life they are trying to make the best of it by adopting homeless children or starting charity organizations which make a change in this world while still being grounded to the simple life on earth!


Valentin Zweigert SC (1)

Dating X Loving: my intuition and coincidence of circumstances  let me always know at the right time if a woman is good or bad for me. Listening to this always works!
Sports: I do sports with love and passion and feel that it is just good to stay healthy. According to Bruce Lee´s wisdom, it’s an ART TO EXPRESS A HUMAN BODY which everyone should respect and practice to be able enjoying the gift of living at its fullest

If you could have a super power what would it be? I would love to fly or even better to teleport myself so I could see all the beauty of the world at the same time

Who’s your favorite superhero? Superman who else :)  

Tthe dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say
Hahahahahhaha stupidly but true: “I can have sex now with who ever I want to”! Or ” For god´s sake why I have to to close the buttons of my shirt myself???, it’s not my job”

Atracting someone´s attention: I try to attract someone’s attention by looking straight in their eyes followed by a simple conversation or not!


Having fun, enjoying life: I have the most fun by simply enjoying concise the moment of the flow of life itself

I love to go where the greatest food waits to be eaten by me! And I love to discover new skate pools with my best friend called Mr. skateboard

Craziest (nastiest?) thing you´ve ever done in a summer time season

After a great party i came alone to my apartment and started to barbecue in the middle of the night with some tequila shots and finally woke up in the morning surrounded by all my half naked female friends In my big bed! Unluckily I don’t remember anything else and that was the end of drinking tequila alone for me :)

Fav body part and why: my legs and feet, without  them I couldn´t move and movement is all I need!

Valentin Zweigert SC (1)

 Valentin Zweigert SC (4)

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy
moments (lol!): CK tight boxers :)

In your Ipod: Michael Jackson, Wu Tang Clan, Tu Pac Amaru Shakur, Jack Jonson, the 60′s rock n roll and a lot of the great electronic dancing music
Fav food: the russian red beet soup called “Bortsch” done by my mother

Guilty pleasure: eating good food
If you weren´t a model you´d be… Working with people and motivating them 

Next chapters

My project at the moment called get back to 100% cuz I had a stupid accident and got hit by a car while crossing a street, broke my collar

An unforgettable moment: This crush with the car at the 5 of December! It’s like a second life I’m allowed to live now!




Contact info Modelwerk

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