Tyler Van Roden: “I followed some cute girls into modeling who said I should try it out. I knew I wanted to model after my first real shoot on the north shore of Hawaii”

19 jan, 2012


My hometown is Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Amis h Capital of the world. Smells like poop most of the time but you get used to it when you live there. 


I am passionate about living in general, traveling is one of my main pursuits as I believe it opens the mind and heart to the real world around you… most importantly the people. 


On the north shore of Hawaii watching the legendary waves break on the coral reefs

I followed some cute girls into modeling who said I should try it out.  I knew I wanted to model after my first real shoot on the north shore of Hawaii. Getting paid, good money to relax in a hammock and talk about the world, watching the legendary waves break on the coral reefs, and eat my fill felt like I had already made it to heaven. 

The best thing about modeling so far for me has been meeting the people and making new friends all around the world.


Working with photographers: no previous preparations

I have no preparations before shooting.  I like to flow naturally with little direction, however the best part for me is probably when everyone gets really excited because we get a great shot.  I don’t get naked in front of the camera.  When we are shooting the smallest stuff can be the most funny, it´s one the things that you have to be there for it to be funny,  hard to put into words.

The best catwalk ever: Emporio Armani, Milano 2008
My best catwalk experience had to be walking for Emporio Armani in Milano back in 2008 for the Spring 09 collections. It was my first time in Milano, first big catwalk and Giorgio Armani himself fixed my jacket before walking out. Pretty cool : )  It was funny that the room where I hung out most was the food/beverage room before the show.  At the time I didn’t have much money so good food was like a luxury to me. so of course I ate my fill.  So much that before the show I had a little tummy poping out because my stomach was so full. 

The fashion industry: women still rule

Women fashion still owns the business, however I believe with the world becoming a little less hostile to the gay community, male fashion is picking up. 
A fashionista?

No, whatever is most comfortable.


Imagine u a famou model surrounded by a huge crowd

If I was a famous model, I would probably have a lot of money, and if I did and a crowd loved me that much I would start popping bottles for everyone : )


Dating X Love 

I am in Love and have been dating my girlfriend for about 3 years, it´s awesome and crazy.


I play pretty much all of them, and if I haven’t I want to.  Main ones right now; Tennis, surfing, trail-running

Attracting someone´s attention

Say hello : )

Having fun, enjoying life

I usually go to the beach, or the park, or chill at home. I enjoy life by not stressing, Surrounding myself by great people, and believing anything in this life is possible.

Craziest thing in a summer time season

Sailed for 3 weeks straight with no land in sight from Panama to Peru, with only my two brothers and our husky.

Fav body part

The eyes, they tell you everything you need to know. 

Fav undies for daily activites and for those cool sexy moments (lol!)

Underarmor all the way.  Sexy time: No undies.

Favorite singer

Natasha Paghunie


Music in his Ipod

Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Incubus

Favorite food


Guilty pleasure



Upcoming Projects

More shooting, living in LA right now so video stuff/acting soon as well. 


Live now or never live.

Tyler van Roden
Contact info: Red Model Management NYC http://www.rednyc.com/website/splash/flash.htm