New faces rock, the series. Episode 53: Tyler Miller

04 ago, 2012

What’s up World Of Models!!!!! Nice to be back.

First off my name is Tyler Miller. I am a 20 year old living in a small town in Tennessee.  I moved to Tennessee in 2007.I am originally from North Pole, Alaska. I was born and raised there till I was 15.

Some of my interests are hanging out with friends and family, riding backroads, going to the lake and swimming or wakeboarding. Tubing is a plus, always fun to see who can stay on the longest. Pretty much anything to do here that keeps me entertained but also keeps me out of trouble haha. There isn’t much to do

in a small town. I do love music. Any type actually. As long as it has agood beat. Music is my life. If there was no music, my life would be boring. :D

How did all begin: a cool partnership with photographer Ethan James

I wanted to model since I was 14. I always thought it would be cool to describe your emotions in pictures and tell stories by the way you pose. Every picture has a story behind it. I wouldn’t say I am amodel just yet. I’m in the process though. I’m just a regular guy trying to get noticed by agencies by my modeling pictures. I hope to sign with an agency in the near future.

Ethan James started talking to me about modeling on ModelMayhem before I moved to Tennessee. Ethan James was and still is the first andonly photographer I have worked with. He makes his shoots fun. I remember the first shoot I did with him back in 2008. I was nervous and didn’t know much ofwhat I was getting myself into. He made it fun and helped me break the nervousness. He is a great photographer and a good friend.

The best thing about modeling for me is having fun and being yourself in photos.  I try to make it to where I don’t see any ofmy pictures till they are edited and done. When I see the first shot, I’m like a kid in a candy store haha.  I have always been happy with the outcome of my shoots so far. I like to look at my pictures from shoot 1 till now. It shows me how much I have grown and matured in this industry.

I like the outgoingness. If it would be quiet and calm I think it was be awkward haha. But so far so good. Music playing in the background always helps. If I need help with a pose or trying to figure somethingout they help! I don’t have any preparations before I go to a shoot. Just grab clothes if I need to bring my own and head to the shoot.

Nude photos are artistic nudes to me. Like I’ve said, every photo has a story behind it. I don’thave a problem with artistic nudes, but it would have to be for a good job for me to do them.

The catwalks experiences

In 2011 I walked in Music Is Key Fashion show.The designer I walked for was Ryan Ripley. It was my first runway show. I was so nervous. I didn’t want to fall or trip down the steps. But everything went very smoothly. It was a success. Backstage haha. Crazy. Everyone was running everywhere, getting fitted, hair and makeup done. It was crazy but awesome at the same time.

Male models x Female models

I think male models have come a long way. But Females are still at the top for now!

A fashionista?

I like to wear V necks, jeans or plaid shorts.I mix it up sometimes. I wouldn’t say I have a certain style. I have my own style. I ar what I think is comfortable and looks good on me. A lot of thetimes ill wear basketball shorts and muscle shirt. But hey that’s pretty comfy to me.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Haha that would be kind of crazy. I haven’thad anyone ask me for an autograph or anything like that yet. The first couple time it would be cool. I guess I would just do what they want and sign autographs. Depending on the size of the crowd, I might run haha.

Dating X Loving

I haven’t really had time to date. I’m always working, paying bills, It just never really ends up working out. But maybe in the future.


I’m not much of a sports watcher. I have been watching the 2012 Olympics though. Great stuff.

Attracting someone´s attention

I smile. I have a great smile I’ve been told. I also won best smile in high school

Having fun, enjoying life

Well, there is not much to do in this small town. But we find stuff to do. Just hang out with friends, go swimming, watch movies, have some friends come over (parties), just have a good time

 Craziest (nastiest?) thing in a summer time season

Haha running down the road naked in the pouringrain at night

Fav body part and why

I like my eyes. I feel like my personality matches my eyes if that’s makes sense. They are mostly green with brown

Fav model

Tyra Banks is probably a big one for me. I know I’m a guy but I watch her shows. She gives amazing advice that I could use. I watched her show before I even started modeling.Thanks for all the advise Tyra!!! :D

In his Ipod

I like cover song. Its cool hearing someone ells sing other artists songs. Boyce Avenue is probably my favorite.

Fav food

Fast food would be Taco Bell. Restaurant would have to be Olive Garden or Red Lobster

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!)

I wear boxer briefs, Usually Hanes. But I like my Calvin Klein short cut briefs

Guilty pleasure

I eat Peanut butter out of the jar like crazy. Have to buy a new jar every week pretty much! Yay for protein!

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

I would probably be in school (I still need to be anyways) for the medical field

The Projects

I am in a contest to be in the new campaign forAmerican Eagle Outfitters. Voting ends in a couple weeks. I could use the extravotes J


Do the best I can with modeling and see where it takes me. I hope to be signed soon and I would love to do some crazy projects.

And when you´ll come to my world?

Whenever you want me too!!

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