New faces rock, Episode 33: Tristan Burnett!

29 nov, 2011

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Greets from model Tristan Burnett

My name is Tristan Burnett, I am the son of an Australian father and a Dutch mother.

 I was born in Melbourne, Australia but I share that home with Dunedin in New Zealand. I currently study Medicine at the University of Otago in New Zealand and am halfway through the course. I love the water, am amazed at the magic of music and really enjoy being on the other side of the camera too.

I like to see new places, and new faces. I love learning and I know what is true today may not be tomorrow – including that. Give me a book, some sun and a cold beer and that is a good afternoon.

Independent Men of Milan

I only recently decided to give modeling more attention now that I have had the opportunity to come to Milan and do it. Independent Men of Milan scouted me from the other side of the world! I was travelling for forty hours just to get here but I’m loving it so far.

However, the weather is getting colder and when I left New Zealand it was getting warmer! I was a little bit apprehensive about moving so far away and to the ‘fashion capital of the world but the agency and my mother Agency Ali McD have helped me have a smooth move.

I barely had time to get over an hour of jet lag before the agency organized 6 castings for me on my first day! Lol which was a shock, but it´s really good – they keep you busy all the time and are super professional at Independent. Also I have managed to get work virtually straight away, which is fantastic! Not to mention that

I have been enjoying the food (especially the dolces and aperitivi!), and the awesome old buildings of Europe – it’s a pretty amazing place.

Also I received a text from the agency about a casting for a sunglasses (abstract Groove) campaign and it says it has a good budget and that if I cant make it tomorrow…i should try get there on Wednesday…was that meant for me? Grazie!

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Working with photographers, previous preparations, funny/unusual backstages…

I like the scene to be fun and relaxed and often that can be created with the right music. But sometimes, depending on the situation, it can be hard to get everything comfortable, but a photographer who talks to you is always good to work with – giving you feedback and encouragement.

Lol. No I don’t have any special preparation or ritual before a shoot, other than reminding myself to be cool – and that if it feels cool then it generally looks cool too. Lol.

A few times when I have been shooting underwear they have asked me to put all sorts of weird stuff down my pants! Wear a g-string underneath, padded chicken fillets, or even a rubber lifting aid! But it is all in an attempt to make it look the area look smooth on the outside so the bits aren’t obvious!


Female models: the fairer sex

Male models will never get the same exposure as female models because we’re not hot enough! Girls ARE the fairer sex and the way they move and look means they will always be looked at more than guys. Besides, their clothing has more variety, and I guess more design potential…I don’t mind, I get to watch!


The catwalks

In Dunedin the fashion show has a 100 metre catwalk!! It’s pretty hard to keep concentrating for so long and your mind often drifts so I have had a few close-calls as far as collisions on the runway go! Also in the same show the hair stylist loves to do ‘joosge’ the hair a lot just before you come out and one time he just about came out on the runway with one girl!

A fashionista?

I really like to wear stuff that’s been made or altered by myself or by friends to get a look that is truly unique and how I like it! But I really like the retro style with vintage clothing; ties, suspenders, shirt tucked in, tight pants etc.

Atracting someone´s attention

Just smile, relax and meet people in the eye…

Show business, fame, success and most important things for his life

Show business is mysterious, challenging and at times brilliantly skillful and creative but it can be superficial, and just like all things there is a ‘dark side’. Fame is when a lot more people know you than you know them. And success, well for me it’s when you can lie on your death bed and look around and be satisfied that you lived!

5 things that are important to me;
Of course 1. Family: (the members you choose; lover and children) and (the members you don’t choose; parents and siblings)…
2.Friends: These are the people you can share your thoughts with and that is a cool and comforting thing
3. Keeping your body malleable and ready for life’s tasks is a great feeling for me. I try to run far, sweat, stretch think about my body every day…It is the only instrument I have to interact with the world, you have to keep it in good order!.
4. Art: especially pictures and music – there is only so much just words can do.
5. Language: such an intriguing thing

Love X Dating

Dating: I think I like to lead


Swimming, Aussie Rules football, running, basketball, cricket, Scuba diving or anything to do with water!

Attracting people’s attention

Engage their eyes and gently smile

Having fun and enjoying life

My idea of Fun: Go somewhere new with someone I know and take pictures and be adventurous – get out of our comfort zone so we can go to the bar later and talk about how fun/scary it was and what else we could have done!

Craziest thing in a summer time season

Jumped out of a plane at 12,000 feet!

Fav body part

On a girl I love the nape of the neck and the small of the back!

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moment (lol)

For everyday wear I like undies that aren’t going to get me tangled – short fitted trunks! And I think they’re sexy too so, I guess, I’m ready for ‘anything’ when I put my undies on in the morning!

In his Ipod

It changes all the time and it´s hard to think of all the ones I like but at the moment Girls: Adele, and the singer from First Aid Kit. Guys: Anthony Caleb from Kings of Leon, Bon Iver, and Gil Scott Heron  Music: I like just about anything as long as it grabs me like music should.


 Lol anything Italian at the moment! But I have a massive sweet tooth and I love Marzipan!!!

Contact info: Independent Men


facebook: www.facebook.comIndependentMenMILANO


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