Tommy Fuentes: “When I was a kid, my father used to tell me, no matter what you do in life, you got to give you 200%”

17 mar, 2013

My name is Tomas, from Santiago, Chile.

It´s a beautiful place, and my life over there was pretty lucky, with a blessed big family (with 4 brothers and 2 sisters) and the opportunity of growing among artists.

With a plastic artist mother, a father who loves music and art, an actor and an actress as older brother and sister (musician brothers too). So, my childhood was always close to the stage.

When I was a kid, my father used to tell me, no matter what you do in life, you got to give you 200%, so with that thought in my mind, I wake up every morning willing to give everything, so I can reach the higher level as possible.

Modeling: how did all begin

After studying Acting, some tourism, physical education and a whole life related to music, arts and stage, I decided to get out from my comfort zone in Chile, and give a try with modeling around the world.One day, after my university, I went to this shopping mall ‘cause I needed to buy some things, and I saw this huge queue.

I was getting close to see what was going on when suddenly someone scream my name “ Tommy!”, it was my cousin. She was there, waiting for ages, in this huge queue. She asked me if I was doing the casting as well, and I was like “What’s a casting?”. So after she explains me the whole situation, I joined her.

After the casting we were talking about commercial, her friends experience and related stuffs, I felt quite interested so she gave me some contacts so I can continue going to these “castings”

One day, in a casting, I saw this girl, really pretty, so I decided to go and talk to her.We were talking for a while, she’s a fashion stylist and she was doing the casting to earn some extra money. After being chatting for a while, she told me she had a friend, who was a good photographer and she asked me if I was interested in doing some photos. She arranged the whole shooting for me, it was the first approach I had to this world.

The best thing about modeling? I like pretty much everything of it, I mean, traveling around the world, meeting people, learn from different cultures, languages. I really like the whole experience that is modeling.

Working with photographers: reaching the same goal

While working with a photographer, what I like most is to have a good working atmosphere so we both feel comfortable during the shooting, and the feeling also that we are both working to reach the same goal, which is to get the perfect picture.

When I was studying acting, every time before going to the stage, I focus my whole attention to the play I was about to do, so I took that from that experience and every time before a shooting, I just focus myself to the shooting I’m about to do without letting anything to disturbs me.

I don’t have any problem posing naked in front of the camera, as long as I know the photographer or that I as long as I’m sure that the shooting will help in any way my job.

The birthday gift: a funny experience?

When I just started modeling, I got this big campaign, before the shooting I was already celebrating, because the shooting was also on my birthday, but when I arrive the set, in another city, at 6 am, after doing my make up, trimming my hair, meeting my stunt double, something happened so the director came to me and told me that I won’t be shooting the campaign anymore that they’ll use someone else, I was totally shocked, after being celebrating a few days ago.

I realized I wasn’t doing the shooting anymore,. I was feeling really bad and I needed to talk to someone, so I called my dad, and while I was telling him how I was feeling a seagull shit all over my shoes, all these on my birthday. I felt like being part of a Ben stiller movie or something like that.

The catwalks experiences

I like doing catwalks cause there you have a lot of opportunities to meet people and share experiences. So far I’ve worked for Levi’s, K-boxing, CK and some others, and one of the funniest experiences I have was in Thailand.  I was there with a lot of models and local celebrities as well. And, as they are celebrities, they didn’t go to the rehearsal, so when we were on stage doing our stuff, the celebrity who came before me forgot to start walking. 

As the show must go on, I just skip him and went in front of him. Later on he came to me an told me that he had forgotten what he had to do  and it was cool that I went in front of him, so everything went good by the end of the day.

Male Models X Female Models: who rules?

In my opinion women still rule the market, but we’re all looking forward for our position in it.

A fashionista?

I always wear whatever makes me feel comfortable and confident. I don’t really like something I usually wear but I do like dress good and play with a lot of styles.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Well, if a crowd gets crazy, I’ll be like “RUN”! hahaha

Dating x Loving

I don’t really have like a recipe at the time of dating, I’ve always prefer to improvise.


I love sports, but as I travel as a regular basis, sometimes is hard to follow only one sport line, I just like to work it out a lot.

Atracting someone´s attention

Every time I want to catch someone’s attention, I just start talking to that person and being myself, I think simplicity is the best tool ever.

Having fun, enjoying life

I do love hanging out with friends, cinema, beach, having coffee.

Craziest thing in a summer time season

As my friend used to say, a gentleman has no memory hehehe

Fav body part and why

I don’t really have a fav part of my body, I do like it all.

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments :)

For my daily activities, I just wear whatever makes me feel comfortable, and for those sexy moment…I don’t really need to wear something.

Fav music

That question is damn hard, it is I like a lot of different styles and singers, so I don’t really have a fav one. And in my IPOD you can find, from dubstep, to rock, metal, pop, I have like a little bit of everything.

Fav food

Steak salmon or Tuna.

If u weren´t a model, u´d be…

I’d love to be physiologist or something related.


Everything is possible as long as you work for it.

The Upcoming Projects

It´s a secret now, but when the times come, you’ll know about them.

And when u´ll come to my world?

I´ve already visited Brazil and is an amazing place! Of course I’ll go back again!

Contact: Rebel Chile

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