Tommy Cupples: from rib cartlage injury back to the modeling world!

17 nov, 2010

Last summer, in a party with about 5,000 people, the north american model Tommy Cupples was punched in the jaw. He had his jaw completely wired shut for about a month and a half, a real painful experience. Fortunatelly, he´s ok now to share with us his updates on modeling career and I´m sure 2011 will be a terrific year for him. Welcome back Tommy!

Recently things have been extremely busy for me. I spent the summer in Milan working for clients Gianfranco Ferre and Nike. Arriving back at home I began networking with the local people in the industry. Since then I have done a campaign for

Motor City Denim Co, which is designed by Joe Faris from the TV show Project Runway. The entire line was made in Detroit, Michigan. After the campaign, there was an event called Fashion In Detroit, which is Michigan’s version of Fashion Week. I walked in shows for English Laundry, Moosejaw and also Motor City Denim Co.

The event was great and I got to walk along side many good friends from home. I am now currently in Malibu, California shooting with an exclusive photographer along with well known fashion photgrapher Jenn Hoffman. On top of the fashion jobs, I have also been chosen to be a spokesmodel for Chrysler Automotive in the 2011 Auto Show Circuit. I will be travelling all over the United States between January and May.

The most defiant project so far was the campaign for Motor City Denim Co. Most of my jobs have been out of state or country, so it feels really good to land a job like that in my hometown. My friends and family are all very proud.

Breakdance, Carlton dance, Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Back to summer in Milan, I had actually suffered from a rib cartilage injury and had to do a job for Nike. Backstage was tough because I had to change clothes about 25 times, so every time I took off my shirt my rib would remind me that I should take it easy.

While working at home in the Metro Detroit area, a few funny events have happened backstage. At Fashion in Detroit prior to the Moosejaw show, the models walking in the show were informed we had to do a breakdancing move at the end of the stage. This was a half hour before the show started. About 10 models instantly gathered in a circle watching beginner videos for breakdancing on YouTube. The moves on stage ranged from the Carlton dance from Fresh Prince of Bel Air to the standard worm dance. I ended up doing a jump ninja kick off the stairs of the runway, which was all I could think of at the time. Regardless of the nerves at an all time high, the event ended up being an overall success.

The rib cartlage injury

During the summer I was at a party with about 5,000 other people on a lake. Out of nowhere, with me not expecting anything, I was punched in the jaw. What I thought was just a normal punch ended up being a punch that broke my jaw in two places. I had to get emergency surgery, which was a 3 hour long process. I had my jaw completely wired shut for about a month and a half, along with a titanium alloy plate and 3 screws placed to keep my jaw aligned. This injury caused nerve damage, which is still bothering me to this day. For me, I was concerned because my face was so deformed at the time I wasn’t sure if it were ever going to look normal again. This would have played a negative effect on booking modeling jobs, however, the healing process couldn’t have gone better. I am now back working with my jaw at about 85% back to normal.

The impact of World economic crisis on modeling industry

The economic crisis has affected everything in this world. Jobs are being lost everywhere, including the fashion industry. Designers are beginning to use less models for their campaigns. For example, Diesels campaign “BE STUPID.” does not feature any male or female models. Diesel is one of the largest designers in the world. Along with clients using less models, they are also taking longer to pay. This is the one frustrating part of the industry, is sometimes it can take up to 90 days or more to get paid for a single job.

Modeling opportunities in my country are still available. Location is everything. If you live in a fashion city like New York, Chicago, or Miami you are more likely to get booked for a job. For the next year I plan on traveling more and continue networking to try to get my name out there. This can be a great industry if you know the right people at the right time.

A terrific 2011 year!

This Christmas is one I will be very thankful for. Its been a crazy year for me dealing with injury along with traveling and finishing my degree at the University. I will be spending the holiday’s with my family and a few close friends. Family time is the best, they will always be there for you no matter what the situation may be.

Happy holidays to everyone, and have a great new year!

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