Thomas Synammon: “I love it when I can help someone out, and I have shot a few guys that were trying to get in the modeling business and a few of them got signed to modeling agencies”

24 out, 2012


well, I am from Philadelphia, and I moved to NYC about 20 years ago, doing window display, and I have always been interested in photography, but I was just to A.D.D to learn film, lol

So, I would just play with an old digital point and shoot, and that how I got started, doing a lot of macro to learn lighting and then self portraits, then I got a SLR NIKON camera, and figured it out, and started to shoot friends, and a few models, sending a lot of my work out to blogs like beautiful mag and Oh lala mag

And from that I got my first magazine lay out, and then things just started to happen, more magazines, and the publishing company Bruno Gmunder contacted me about doing a coffee table book, so i published Sleepless

I have been shooting mostly men, because in the beginning, it was easier, I didnt have to deal with hair and make up as I would with girls, and I was still learning, so then underwear and swimwear companies, would send me product to shoot, knowing that i would get the shots published, to get more of my work in print.

That´s how it became me shooting with mostly men, but I have shot girls too. Being so busy, it take up so much more time for a shoot and crew, and I do love
the male form, and shooting it


The digital era improved aspects like quality and tecnology?

Yes it helped me and film is a beautiful thing, but the turn over for a shoot and editing is so much quicked with digital

Worldwide economic crisis on fashion photography

World still has been facing one of the worst economic crisis/recessions in decades. And, of course fashion photography has been facing this kind of problems.

So, I think it will be around for a while, even with a lot of the magazines going on line, people still want to see whats new and with a story

The special moment, the special pics

well, I use to shoot hundreds of images on a shoot, and now I know when I have the shot, it just feels good to be more confident and know your work, and I think with having more experience now, I know what works,

Working with the models and the funny backstages´ moments

I love it when I can help someone out, and I have shot a few guys that were trying to get in the modeling business. I sent out my images to a few of the agencies and got a few of them signed to modeling agencies

Well, as you know I do shoot a lot of underwear and I did have one guy go and get in to the underwear we were going to shoot. When he came out, he stuffed down there with a sock, and it was like a pair of sweat socks, lol as if i wouldn’t notice, it was funny but I felt bad to say anything, so we shot it any
way, and just picked the tight cropped shots

Top cool places for a shooting

I do love the beach, but more so a hotel room or an old building, it just has so much more caricature, and can set the mood of the shoot. I don´t get to do a lot of that, so most of my work is in the studio


Yep and more

An unforgettable moment

A special moment in my career as a photographer was when the first time I ever hear someone talking about me the photographer, not knowing who I was and just going on and on how he loves my work, that felt good, lol

The Projects

I am working with a lot of great agencies in NYC like Ford, Red, and Q, and the list goes on, I love a great face and body of course, lol and working with great guys that have been in the business is a plus, They know their looks and how to take direction, I am working on my next coffee table book and doing  more magazine layouts, just busy busy busy, lol

Thomas Synammon, the photographer

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