The triathlete and model Thomas Gallindez: training and working hard for a great performance!

31 ago, 2017



Hi World of Models family, I´m a triathlete, student, third year graduating  of physical education. Nowadays, I live in Santos where I have a study routine and intense training. The sport came into my life back when I didn’t even know how to spell my name because my father was always holding me into his arms to cross the line when I was a baby.


 My first competition was in Italy, 2004, when my f,,ather was hired by Torino Triathlon Team. In 2012, I really took triathlon seriously, after years dedicating myself to taek-wondo. Besides Brazil, I had the opportunity to reach good results competing in Italy, Argentina, Chile, USA and Australia.




I have a hard routine, actually I wake up at 6am and eat breakfast.  After that I take ride my bike and training from 6:30am to 11:30am, then I arrive at home, eat lunch, take some rest and around 2:30pm I start another training (swimming and running) until 5:30pm. Then,  dinner and college till 10:30pm,


I´m also training for the World Ironman Championship 70.3 in september. A person which gives me a inspiration to continue my training is my dad that hás been practicing for 30 years. My dad was a champion for more than 35 times and this year I participated and finished in 4° position, is very fun to compete here in Santos in same place where my dad was a champion several times.

Modeling: how did all begin



Since I was about 15 years old my mother used to advice me about to do some photoshoots. However, It had never got my attencion because i was more focus in doing sports and studying. The years went by and everyone, my friends and familiy, kept saying:

“Thomas, You have such a profile to be a model, what are you waiting for”?


But, as aways, I was more interessed in training my Sports. Untill one day, i don’t really know what makes me change my mind, but I decided to talk tô a friend to find out If he knew someone that could do a photoshoot. And that is how it all started.

I went to a modeling agency and the people there really enjoyed my look. A month later, the photographer Thyago Bargmann sent me the following message:

“You nailed It! Your photos were really good, I think maybe you will be in a magazine cover!”


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Posing to photographers

I think all photographers should be a high level professional and shouldn´´t mix things up. When I am in a photoshoot session I try to be laid-back, so everything can be “natural”. About being naked in front of the camera, I’m not ready yet, unless if it’s a tempting offer lol




Male models x Female models 

Nowadays you can see different types of models, for example. the ones that have an “exotic beauty” in a slim body. I’ve been always following the models Alessandro Pierozan and Michael Heverly.

Thomas´ style 

I also live in a city that has a hot weather, almost all the time so I usually wear workout clothes but when I have some important meeting, I choose better clothes.


I have half a surfer style. My hair goes beyond standard size without losing my masculinity and without looking simply sloppy.

 Loving and Dating 

What encourages me when i’m with someone is my way of being relaxed, funny and sincere.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd


Honestly, I don’t know how I would react to that lol.In a first moment I would really love to be recognized down the streets!

 Food and Music 


 I like listening to all styles of music, but when I listen to “Imagine Drangons” I feel a very strong energy.


Superpowers and Superheroes 

If I had a super power, I would like to teleport. My favorite superhero is Captain America

 An unforgettable moment 

Graduation Trip


Next Chapters 

I’m doing some casting and in the future I think about living in another country, keep continuing on triathlon  competions  and taking photos all over the world.

 Thanks for the opportunity to share my story with u guys!

 Thomas Galindez


Age: 21 years

Shoesize: 12


Hieght: 164 lbs.


Hair : Light Brunette


Info contacts: Thiago Bargmann photographer

Factory Agency:    

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor