Thiago Santos: “I believe that we all have a mission here, some people will give their lives to save dogs, others to help kids, others will not give their lives, but will devote it to God, work, studies”

06 ago, 2012

Hello my World of Models family, how are you guys doing? Here I am again to write another small message before you read the interviews. Last year when I was in New York, I went to Macys (one of the biggest worldwide fashion stores) and I grabbed one of those cool catalogues. It was the 2012 Spring´s Denim & Supply Ralph Laurent Spring 2012 catalogue and guess who was one of the models in this publication? The amazing Thiago Santos. For those who don´t know him yet, Thiago did the American Eagle´s campaign and his pic appeared in a hugeeeee billboard in Times Square. It was by far the greatest billboard ever printed in Times Square!!

 Thiago got a busy schedule, lots of castings around the world, so I´d like to thank Alisson Chornak and Sergio Ferraz, the Way Models´ bookers who made this interview possible. Thiago is opening my edition, but he is not alone cause I´ve   selected  9 new aditional cooooool interviews to share with you guys. And coming soon, my new series on fashion world. Stay tuned, enjoy the ride, have fun and be safe out there!


Ed, the brazilian editor

Hey hey guys, it´s my pleasure to be a new member of the World of Models family! :D It’s funny to me having people wanting to know things about my life haha :D Well, here we go!

My full name is Thiago de Santana Santos. I’m a brazilian guy, 21 years old and I was born in São Paulo. I moved to Texas, USA when I was 17. I studied the first semester of my senior year at Lewisville High Schoo. (I’m a farmer!!! haha). I LOVE to dance. As a matter of fact, I’ve been dancing every since I was little, with my cousin and friends (I’m not really good, but I love it)

How did he get discovered to fashion world

I decided to be a model when the lady that discovered my sister told her that as a model she could travel around the world and make money. I was like: “Can I go!!???” haha :D Yeah, because the first contact I had with the “family” was through my sister (she was discovered in a mall while we were walking around with our family. I was 14 at that time, and that’s when I decided to become a model. I finally got discovered when I moved to Texas during a scouting event called Proscout Event

My very first test shoot was exciting, I remember going to it with my family (mom, dad and sister :D) we had a lot of expectations. I can even remember some of the clothes I wore on the shoot:).

I have to be honest though, the outcome wasn’t as good as expected. I remember liking only one or two pics out of the whole shoot haha

Working with photographers, funny backstages moments and posing naked

I like to ask advices from the photographers on how I can get closer to the inspiration of the shoot. Sometimes they say “just be youreself”, sometimes, something more specific, a technique maybe, so even if it’s a catalogue I like to hear what’s the photographer’s ways for that shoot to pass the idea.

I think I always strech before my shoots, nothing crazy just to wake up haha:D A few litlle jumps and that’s it!! If they have “eletronic” music as background that’s really cool!!!

Funny backstages moments? The show is over, everyone is getting dressed but me… my pants were gone!! hahaha everyone was pretty much out of the location and I was there on my underwear… ” guys!!?? …. … did anybody see my pants??… … guys??? … … pants?? ” haha:DD They finally found it, it was inside of a box?? well, I got the pants back :D

Besides that underwear chapter haha no, I haven’t posed naked, I don’t think I would, I was offered to pose semi nude for a job that wouldn’t pay, but that was not the reason why I didn’t work with them. At the time I asked my mom what she thought about the idea and we agreed that I was not going to do it, because of religious reasons and we also had personal reasons for me not do it.

Men models X Female models

Women still rule it haha ;p

The fashion industry for black models

I think that society has changed a lot in recent years, now more people have access to designer’s clothes, one of the main intention of making clothes is to sell them, and if the buyers now are more diverse, yes I believe that this diversity is reflected on the runways, photo shoots, etc… to me this situation could be related to Women VS Men in the industry, why do girls make more money? have more work? more more more and more than men? well, how much does an average man spend on clothes per month? a woman? … something like that haha :D

The catwalks experiences (the hugeeeeeee list wow!)

I did magic tricks on the backstage of my first show (Kris Van Assche) I played soccer on the backstage of my second show (Dior)  I played capoeira on the backstage of my first Campaign (Dior Homme) I rode my Rip Stick on the backstage of Hermes show last year haha :D I almost fell on a show for Custo Barcelona haha:p (I tripped on a cable that was by the runway’s entrance)

I´ve walked for

Agnes b., Band of Outsiders, Bespoken Buckler, Custo Barcelona, General Idea, Dior, Hermes, Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2011, Kenzo, Kris Van Assche, Miguel Atoinne Moncler (we had to ride bikes for this show!!!! so cool:DDD haha I had a lot of fun:) Odyn Vovk, Paul Smith, Redley, R Groove, Salvatore Ferragamo, Spurr, Shades of grey,  Thom Browne, Timo Weiland, TNG, Totem, Victor Glemaud, Vivienne Westwood, Y-3 ,Yohji Yamamoto, Z Zengna

Wow, thank God:D

A fashionista?

Am I a fashionista? Hmmm. haha :D I do like to wear different than other people, I don’t need to wear designer clothes but I’ll not refuse them haha.well, you can see me at out wearing a had, red leather cluvs, buckler pants, white adidas and a “military” jaket that I bought at H&M one of my favorite looks (that I have) right now :D

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd

HAhaha. I kinda want that to happen now, but I honestly don’t know what I would do. Hopefully it will happen one day  and if so I’ll let you know.

Show biz, fame, success and 5 most important things for his life

I think that the name says a lot about it.”show” ” business”. It’s a business! I’ve seen that many people haven’t realised that yet (people from inside and outside of the “family”. It’s a cool job to be a model, but it’s still a job.;D And the purpose of this business is to “show” something, a product, an idea, style, a story. The model is the bridge n between the creator and the spectator. It’s an interesting business :D

Success in my opinion is to make it come true, to achieve, to make it happen, to make it work, “what?” you choose; dream on! Set your goals! Make plans! Have objectives!!. You’ll be successfulwhen they become reality;D And fame, it’s people’s recognition of your success

Most important things for my life


He created me, He has seen every step I’ve taken through out my life, and when I couldn’t walk, He was the one that carried me, thanks Daddy, love u


I don’t enjoy life by myself, and I extend family to friends too and even to the people that I don’t even know. Family = people, I want to share what I have, even if it’s an afternoon spent watching TV  :D  (the power of simple things:)

My mission

I believe that we all have a mission here, some people will give their lives to save dogs, others to help kids, others will not give their lives, but will devote it to God, work, studies… I think that whatever it’s, we should find our own “missions” ( yep ! more than one;) find what is it that we were made for, that we love, that caused us to go from where we were to where we are going… if you know the destination you’ll proabably know if you’re going the right way :D

Myself (my thoughts)

I’m alive, I should be important, some fishes are important to keep the balance in the oceans, some stars to keep the warmth of the planets around it, some people to manage kingdoms, others to keep the palace’s floor shining… I think that everything has a play in the game of life, that’s why the ” mission” is important to me, when I say “myself” I mean; my contribution to it all (to life)


Man!! if God rested on the 7th day, why wouldn’t I ??? haha haha:D just kidding :D

I once read on a book something like this … “sometimes all you have to do is nothing…” haha :D

There are so many people studing day and night to be the “number one!!!”, working “so” hard to “get there”, going to places to meet “the right people” that will be a step up in their career, “more and more!!!” people are killing themselves with their “missions” “sometimes you go forward when you go backward” ( or even awkward haha:)

What’s the deal with working so hard to give your family the “biggest house in the neighborhood”, to have the “best car”, to give your kids the “best education possible”… maybe if you were to work less and spend more time with your family, your house would might not be the biggest, but one that’s filled with love, friendship, filled with family itself, maybe you wouldn’t have the “best car” but a car that broke down on New Years Eve and forced you to actually spend it with your family… :) maybe you wouldn’t be able to afford the “best college” for your kids, and maybe you’d realise that your kids go to college to learn how to do what they want to do for a living, and that the best education comes from home

Rest = enjoy what’s in your hands :D

“The best time to relax is when you don’t have time to do it” haha :D

Dating X Love

I’m a romantic person S2 S2 haha I know I know haha :D


I love soccer, basketball, voleyball, swiming, rollerblade, ripstick, skate…man!!! I love sports!!!! :D

Atracting someone´s attention

Depends on the case. but I guess I’ll always look in the eyes of the person

Having fun, enjoying life

Man!!! dance dance dance!!! haha I love to dance!! NY: Lavo, Paris: L’arc, count on me I’ll be there haha:D I really like to play pool too. NY: Soho Billards, Amsterdam Billards

One of the coolest summers of my life was one that I spent in Santos (the hometown of my bud Ed, the World of MOdels´ editor) in Brazil. I was there with my family at my grandfather’s apartment!!! OMG it was GREAT!!!! haha:D. it was New Years Eve, the city had prepared many tents all around the shore with music to be played all night long!!!  we saw the fireworks, then we went from tent to tent till the morning light!!! hahahahahahaahha OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was it!!! hahaha I had so much fun!!!!

So, my way to enjoy the best of life is by trying to enjoy each moment/thing that I get to live:D (power of the simple things haha;)

Fav body part

If I was to get a tatoo I think I’d get it on my side ribs, I call it wing I love that muscle haha Idk why, but that’s my fav part of my body to get a tatoo

In his Ipod

My favorite singer is “Chorão” (Charlie Brown Jr.) the song? haha.”Dias de luta dias de Glória”

Fav food

Besides rice, beans, steak, tomatoes salad and lemon juice… ummm… PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahah a:DDDDDD

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!)

I have two that I really like. one is simply all black and the other one is white with the strap pink in the inside and tuquoise in the outside.haha:D

If you weren´t a model, u´d be

In the Brazilian armed forces!!!! hahaha I’ve always wanted to be part of it!! !:DDDD OMG!!! Well, maybe in the future I can still get in if I study a lot Guilty pleasure

I loooooove food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha:D I’m here to say that models do eat! haha:D and if you let me I’ll do that with LOTS of pleasure haha :D

An unforgettable moment

Bio Bay – Vieques- Puerto Rico, an unforgattable momentm the water glows!!! are you serious!!!?? …. lovel y:DDDDDDDDDDD…

The Projects

I’m working on a project called “Deep Speak”; It’s about sharing thoughts, advices, beliefs, ideas… through t-shirts, bracelets and grafitti. The main idea of it isn’t about having people thinking the same way, but the idea is to give them the opportunity to do know other ways of thinking, living, loving expressing themselves, and I do that by sharing messages with these “different ways” written on it… it will be up to who is reading it to, from then on change their ways or not.

That’s what in my oppinion has been the best thing that modeling has given me; opportunity; to meet people, to get to know different cultures, to travel to different places, cities, states, countries, continents!! hahaha:D  from each of these cases I  earned something new, and I know that I can’t take all of my friends to all the places that I’ve been, so they can experience what I did, but I can share what I got from it   And besides “Deep Speak”, I bought a keyboard last year, I’ve had a guitar for a few years now… music! I want to learn how to sing and, play instruments like “pandeiro”, flute, “berimbal”…I love Music !!!

To stop listening the music while you watch the video, just click on the stop button, located right below the page in Radio on line


“If they give you lemons, make lemonade” :D

And thanks again World of Models, the pleasure was all mine

Kisses and Hugs

Thiago Santos

Mother Agency

Way Model Management

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