Thiago Lazzarato: ” I didn’t decide to be a model. My mother pushed me, believing I´d go far. Well, I guess she was right”

16 nov, 2011

Hi Ed, pleasure to be here.

I’m 27 years old, I´ve been modeling for a while and I’m focusing in acting now, but still doing modeling as my main job. Im from Rio de Janeiro and I love everything about my city, but especially my family and friends.

I like arts, movies, love cinema and I really enjoy a long vacation with my Wife Anna. We have been together for 5 years already. She is polish and we are expecting our first baby, Ellen. Anna’s already 24 weeks and we are very excited to see our little angel.

How did all begin: his mother pushed him!

Well, I didn’t decide to be a model but people decided it for me, cos I didn’t know what modeling meant in that time. I was only 15 in my first test shooting and to be honest it wasn’t a terrible experience at all, but I was too shy and I didn’t  know what to do and what I was doing there. hahaha but my mother pushed me, believing I´d go far. Well, I guess she was right. but still I was too young for a male model. so I decided to finish my high school and moved to São Paulo to enjoy this industry.

Photographers, teamwork, posing naked…

I enjoy working with professional people who want to give their best to have the best shooting. I like the most when the team is working together and everyone in harmony. About previous preparations …hmm no definitely I don’t.

Well, first off, it´s hard to say never cos we never know the day after, but I believe I will never pose naked to any campaign, editorial or test shooting. It´s just something out of my plans.

A fashionista?

I guess I’m not. hahaha. Nothing like Jeans and tshirt. that’s what I like the most. It´s so much easier for us guys  than girls, but of course it depends of each one to decide what to wear. For me the basic, the best.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Man, I´d laugh my ass off HAHAHA What I´d do? Enjoy the moment!;)

Show business, Fame, Sucess, 5 most important things for his life

Show business is really interesting and is so much complex too, hard to explain it´s a mix of passion and focus. Fame depends on people around you and success only depends on you.
5 most important things

1. My family, they mean everything to me. Without them I wouldn´t be who I am.
2. My dogs, they are the funniest thing you guys could imagine. A mix of gremlins-rat-bat-dog (chihuahuas). They make me so much happier. we have 4 dogs and they’re part of our family too.
3. To remember where I come from and who I am. that´s something that my father told me once and I´ll never forget. Feet grounded cos everything pass but our essence, knowledge, memories…. that´s stay with you forever.
4. My conscience of being a good father, teaching my daugher the values of respecting herself and others, giving her the best of myself, my love, all my heart with full compassion and admiration.
5. To be who I am cos the most interesting people are the unique personality of each one, so be yourself!.

Having fun, enjoying life

Wow, let me think. I’m from Rio, so it´s just like having summer the whole year. I like the most spending time with Anna and our dogs in the park, playing with them, watching good movies, going to the beach, eat a good food, find a good restaurant around our place (that´s really important. hahaha). Well and something new I like so much is to go to 4D movies, that´s really awesome.

Fav body part and why

My teeth, nothing better than a welcome smile.;D

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!)


His secret to be in a good shape

Living with 4 dogs in an apartment isn’t an easy job, but I must confess I really enjoy it, so I guess to clean our place very often helps out a lot to be in shape. hahaha

In his IPOD

It really depends, I like mostly everything. U can find a bit of everything in my iPod.

Fav food


Guilty pleasure


The Projects

I’m very into tv commercial jobs right now. I have been booked for many cool ads and I have to say it´s so much funnier than photo shooting. I have two upcoming ads that will be very cool: REXONA and OLAY, each one gonna be on air in 10 or 12 countries and I am really excited to watch them.

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An unforgettable moment


My daughter.
Full name: Thiago Lazzarato
Mother agency Ming Mgt

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