The Pletts twins: “The first project together was GQ South Africa so that was more scary than anything to start off on such a great brand”

14 ago, 2013

Hey! So we are Nic and Campbell Pletts.

Well, the first and probably the most obvious thing about us is we are identical twins :). We grew up in Durban and recently made the move to Cape Town, South Africa. We both are all about sports, keeping fit, the beach, a great BBQ and friends and family, of course. We are also both in the final semester with our bachelor of accounting degree. Yeah, we are as twins as twins get :)

How did all begin: in a party!

To be honest, we really never ever thought we would become models but its pretty insane what life throws at you. We were discovered at a friends 21st (who was a model). The owner of her agency was there and said we should come into the agency for a test and see how it goes.

The first project together was GQ South Africa so that was more scary than anything to start off on such a great brand.

Best thing about modeling? Traveling would be the best thing for us, seeing the world and going to locations that are unreal is a privilege.

Posing to photographers: the crew gets confused sometimes!

The best thing is when just the basics are given (direction, mood and emotions) so we know what is wanted but we can also throw a bit of ‘us’ inside. We love it when the photographer can have a laugh and make it fun in-between the serious time when the camera is being worked. I mean, besides the crew getting confused as to who they have just put make up on or dressed, being a twin you get to confuse most teams you work with without even trying so there’s always a laugh on set.

The catwalks´ experiences

Catwalks are not big in South Africa so only really learnt the ways when we got to Hong Kong. We haven’t done many shows together, I guess its one at a time so people would just think its the same model so most clients use just one. Labels we have worked with on various shoots are Hugo Boss, Versage, Louis Votan, Armani, DKNY, Burburry, Gucci, Addidas and Levis.

Besides, struggling with the language barrier at they are pretty much they same as in knowing what they want and just getting us to do it. Some cultures i guess would be more polite than others in the process but people are different. We don’t think too much into, there might be subtle differences but we just worry about what we have to do.

The Pletts twins, fashionistas?

Being in this industry and wearing the clothes you do its hard not to love fashion. South Africa doesn’t get too cold so most days its long pair pants (jeans or chinos), a vest, some boots or slops, pretty much depends on what is going on outside. Obviously then you play around with colors combos and different accessories like watches, belts and bangles. 5.2-Haha. Besides, the obvious ‘don’t trip’ thought you just think of the proper technique of walking runway.

Imagine u guys famous models surrounded by a huge crowd!

Haha, well we really don’t know how to answer this because we couldn’t imagine it happening.

Fame, Success and the fashion industry for male and female models

Mostly we would say the industry is not what everyone perceives it to be, it’s real people working hard just trying to keep busy and be professional. Fame and success come hand in hand most of the time but success would be simply doing what want to do and that being enough.

The market has grown for male models, but Its still a female dominated market.

Dating x Loving

 One of us has been in a long term relationship(Campbell) and the other is still looking for it;)


We watch and play all sports really. Love sports.

Atracting someone´s attention

Basic eye contact is a good start

 Having fun,  enjoying life

 We do a lot of different things like food markets, restaurants, beaches and what ever is around us

  Craziest (nastiest?) thing you´ve ever guys done in a summer time season

Swopping T-shirts midway through the night on a new years party was pretty interesting….

Fav body part and why

Legs on a girl, not sure why but its what we both picky about

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments :) 

Cant go wrong with tight briefs

Dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say?

Hhaha, you hear some crackers! Probably asking if my brother and I have met when we standing next to each other (and the scary thing is how often it is)

In your IPOD

Changes on the time, if you saw what was on both of our IPods you would see we couldn’t answer that.


Can´t beat a good steak.

If you guys could have a super power what would it be and what´s your fav superhero?

To know what people are thinking

 Growing up Nic=Batman, Campbell=Spider-Man

 If u guys weren´t a model, what u´d be?

Something in business, still trying to figure that one out

 Guilty pleasure


 An unforgettable moment:

Traveling to the Philippines was an amazing moment, but there have been many.

The Projects

We are working on a few projects from Bazaar Hong Kong magazine to Cannon commercial, just keeping busy


 Mother agency:Nic=Boss Models

,Campbell=ICE Models

Instagram Nic: @nicpletts Campbell : @campbellpletts
Twitter: Nic: @Ncik10 Campbell: @CPletts11

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