New faces rock, the series. Episode 21: Thais Lucena

17 abr, 2011

Hello Ed, hello World of Models family, it is a pleasure to be here and share a little bit about myself with  you guys. Well, my name is Thais Lucena, I’m 18 years old I’m from Recife PE, Brazil.



I am one of the new faces of EP Models Agency and I´m focusing my modeling career, doing my best to achieve great results.

Love at first sight

People used to tell me that I had “the look”, so last year I decided to give a try “Why not, I think it will be cool”. I got discovered by the fashion photographer Jonathan Wolpert who introduced me to Elizabeth Pontes, the director of EP Models Agency here in Recife. According her “it was love at first sight”.

The best part of modeling for me, is to overcome shyness and being able to express my feelings in a cool way.

Working with the photographers: good vibes

Working with the photographers means to be in a good mood, making myself comfortable and confident when I pose to them. I don´t have any previous preparation, I just let it flows with good vibes.

I´ve already posed to the lens of Jonathan Wolpert for the editions of Dário Shoupaiwisky´s Off the Moda, such a cool blog.

Dario is a terrific stylist and he´s already been featured by Ed here in World of Models. An you guys can see me in the fashion clip “Crush”. Have fun!

A fashionista? Not sure, I just wear what makes me feel happya and comfortable.

U a  famous model surrounded by a huge crowd. How did u handle it? That would be a fun and exciting situation and I´d ask them if they´d like to have lunch with a top model hahahahahah!

Fame, Success, most important things for her life, music, food: That´s Thais´ world!

Fame and success are the result of dedication and persistence.
Most important things for me are GOD, family and friends
I have fun chilling out with my buddies
Coldplay and Jimi Hendrix are always in my IPOD
Last summer I was trapped in an elevator with 10 people for 40 minutes. Definitely an unforgettable experience!
Feijoada, barbecue are my fav foods

The Projects

My current projects are focused on a international modeling career, so stay tuned folks cause lots of cool news coming soon!
Thank you again World of Models  and keep up this great job!

Thais Carolina Augusto de Lucena.


Contact info: EP Models Agency

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