New faces rock, the series. Episode 38: Sylvio Senges!

27 jan, 2012

Mother Agency: 40º Graus Models, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil zil zil!!!

There comes the “carioca” Sylvio Senges and his thoughts about modeling, photographer, posing naked, dating, loving, sports…

I was born in Rio de Janeiro known as “The Wonderful city”.

I enjoy surfing, skating, riding a bike, soccer, eXtreme games with a huge adrenalin!

I started modeling in the beginning of 2011, discovered by Sergio Mattos, the man behind 40 Graus Models.

The first job I did was great, I acted naturally and everything went fine.

I enjoy working with a photographer that knows exactly to do when start clicking. So, I just feel my instincts and let it flows!

I’ve never posed naked and I don’t even think about doing it.

I like to wear the basics, bBut as surfer and living in Rio de Janeiro, I like shorts and sneakers

Dating X Love: Simplicity is the key.

In my IPod The Rappa (Brazilian band) .”Mar de Gente”.

If I weren´t a model I´d be an engineer


“My field ,my game, my rules.”


Full name: Sylvio Sengès Pinto
Age: 21
Mother agency: 40 Graus Models

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