New faces rock, Episode 23 – part 2: The Stenmark twins are back again!!

29 nov, 2011

Greets from the The Stenmark twins and Christophe Vahle  from VNY Model Management














You guys are fashionistas?

We like fashion and we have a good appreciation for it. We generally just wear jeans and a T shirt maybe with a jacket but we like to dress up for special occasions.

Imagine you guys famous models surrounded by a huge crowd!

Because we love surfing we would probably try some “crowd surfing”. No seriously we would try & remain calm & talk to the crowd in a relaxed way. If that didn’t work – run as fast as we can!!!

Show business, fame, success and the most important things for their lives

Show business appears to be glamorous at times but you have to put in long hours and keep fit and be careful what you eat order to remain professional.To do well we think it is important to be disciplined and professional.

Being famous has it´s good & not so good sides but it goes with the territory. You have to be able to remove yourself from it & be normal. take time out with your family and friends and remember who you are. Success for us is doing the best we can all the time. Of course we want to make money , enjoy a good lifestyle and do prestigious jobs but to do that you have to do your best in even the smallest jobs and remain true to your values.






















Our family is the most important thing to us. We have a really close and happy family and if you have that, you can get through anything.

The modeling industry: women still rule!

Since getting involved in this industry we have realised how much more exposure the female models have, not to mention that there are more jobs and bigger paychecks for them! something we need to work on changing!!!!

The Stenmark twins´ style

Dating X Love

We like to treat women with respect. The same way we would like to be treated and have fun.


We love Basketball and do a lot of it. Sport and training has  been a really big part of our lives and has taught us discipline and a healthy lifestyle. We love  surfing and playing Australian football as well.

Attracting someone’s attention

Go up and say hi. Be happy and friendly.

Having fun and enjoying life

The way we have fun is just spending time with friends and family, surfing and going to the beach over the summer. hanging out, going to the movies. Playing PS3.

Fav body part and fav singer

Dont really have a favourite body part or favourite singer. We like so many different types of music that it is hard to pick a fav but really like the Script, Angus and Julia stone, Josh Pike, and also lots of older stuff like Cream , Beatles , Grand funk Railroad and Simon & Garfunkel.

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!)

Zac – CK  and Diesel. Jordan  -same

Fav food

Jordan: Risotto and avocado

Zac: a good eye fillet

If you guys weren´t a model, u´d be….

If we weren’t modeling we would be doing uni and playing sport.

Unforgettable moments

We loved doing Abercrombie and Fitch and Ralph Lauren. Working with Bruce Webber was amazing!!!!!!!!!!

We have a few really exciting projects coming up but being flown to London to meet Tom Ford was definitely the highlight so far!!


Jordan- I cant accept not trying (Michael Jordan).

Zach -  JUST DO IT!!!

Contact info:  IMG  Models

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