Stefano Berretti: “When I´m walking down the runway I just think: Look at me, I’m fucking strong!”

17 jan, 2015


Hello everybody! I’m Stefano Berretti for my friends ‘’Stenky’’, an Italian youngster born in Gaeta (a small city on the seaside between Rome and Naples) from sicilian dad and napolitan mum, on 16-07-1994!

When I’m not around the world I live in Civitavecchia (the harbor of Rome) with my parent and my two brothers!
My hobby is  workout, when I have free time is the first thing that I do, wear my sport shoes and train like an animal! :)


Modeling: how did all begin

I started for fun in my city with my friends, on the summer of 2013 when there was a contest for voting the most beautiful guy in the city. It was  that moment when my training period with rowing was suspended for the summer holidays (I was rower for 10 years and I won an Italian championship, before the accident and before than start modeling)

 After that summer a lot of friends and my family encouraged me to try to be a model. I wasn’t interested coz I was training really hard for taking part of a rowing’s national team. Then I got an accident and I had to stop my training; so I started to think about modeling.



I was around Rome when I met my actually scouter that saw in me something good for modeling and introduced me to the boss of 3mmodels (my mother agency). My first test shooting was in Rome, and some of those pictures are still used for my compcards! Amazing job of the photographer Emanuele Menduni!!

The best thing about modeling is that u can travel around the world, speak different languages and meet a lot of guys from all the world! 

Posing to photographers




I like when there is good feeling from me and the staff, the professional photographers know how to motivate u to do a perfect job! I never posed naked, also coz I started modeling less than 1 year ago!

About funny stories, in one shooting I turned off the photographer’s music and put mine. I started to dance and all the pictures came really cool and strong! J

The runway shows


During the FW runways I did 4 shows on the Shanghai Fashion Week and one on the  Milan Fashion Week ss15 for ‘’Harmont&Blaine’’ Now I’m just waiting for the next FW in Milan and NYC, ready to do my best!
When I´m walking down the catwalk I just try to be strong as possible and show to everybody how they can be cool with those clothes that I’m wearing on the runway! :D :P


When I´m walking down the runway I just think “Look at me, I’m fucking strong!”

Male models X Female models


I think that actually guys and girls have almost the same exposure on the modeling, for sure more than before!
Bianca Balti is my fav female model; about male models I don’t have a fav one, but I appreciate Simon Nessman´s Armani campaign.

I just try to do my best and I hope one day I will be an example for some new faces!

Stefano, a fashionista?

Nope, when I don’t work as a model I like to wear simple and comfortable clothes following the Italian style! :P

Imagine u famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I’m a really simple guy. In this situation maybe I would be at the game and I’d eat from the crowd, not making me kill, of course :P





On show business

It Is one of the most attractive activities in the world, everybody like it and many would like to stay inside, so I think that u have to do it with all your best and, without compromises, try to be in the top of the world!

Dating X Loving: Protective

Sports: tenacious

Super powers and Superheroes

To fly!

And my favorite superhero is Superman!

The dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say

I don’t remember.. coz usually I don’t give attention and I forget the stupid things! ahah




Having fun, enjoying life

Chill out with my friends, enjoy my family, and travel around the world!
The craziest (nastiest?) thing you´ve ever done in a summer time season

One week in Gallipoli party 3 times a day, no stop sometimes, but that happened before  I started modeling! :P

Fav body part and why

My face,  coz I’m still building up my body! Ahah


Your fav underwear for your daily activities and for those coooool sexy
moments (lol!):Very simple underwear for daily and for those cool sexy things it is not so important coz u will lose it! LOL

Earliest childhood memory

Trying to ride my first bike with the help of my dad!

Nickname in school


Music and Food

EDM music, deep house, house, Italians and sometimes ’80-’90 ages,

My mum´s lasagna




Fav booking so far and why

The first one for Shanghai! I was super excited for a new adventure!

Yourself in 10 years?

In my office, with my business

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

Still a rower maybe, but u never know about the life!


An unforgettable moment

When I won the Italian championship!

Next chapters

I can’t wait to do the FW in Milan and then plane to NYC for the shows as well!

Motto: Never give up!

And when you´ll come to my world buddy?  

Hopefully soon!!! Cheers ma friend!

Mother agency: 3MMODELS 



Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor


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