Model Simona Andrejic: “Fashion is an area which we use to express our feelings and attitudes, no matter on the gender”

03 abr, 2012

I came to this world, before exactly seventeen years, in beautiful capital of one small, wonderfull country on Balcans called Serbia.

 Ever since childhood I was known for my persistence and perseverance that led me to where I am now. I’m always trying to learn something new, and most of my free time I spend doing sports and learning unusual skills: fencing, ballet, yoga, dancing, target shooting,swimming, volleyball

Modeling is a very special job, It gives you opportunity to work and travel all around the world and meet a lot of people. If you are strong, positive and talented-you will enjoy every moment of it. I accidently got involved in modeling.I was persued by my friends to go on the casting for the Elite model competiton, so I did. I won in Serbia and went on world final where I ended in first fifteen girls.

Very inspirational domain of art

I love photography. It is very inspirational domain of art and I enjoy doing creative photo shoots. I don’t have any preparations, being spontaneous is making it more interesting. The most important thing is your innate charisma and talented photographer who will capture the moment with his camera.


There is no creativity without freedom. Freedom is everything until it starts to bother someone. It depends for what kind of project is the nude photoshoot. Something like Pirelli, or works of Helmut Newton and Ellen Von Unwerth, I consider as true art.

The catwalks experiences

I´ve walked for a lot of shows in New York, Milan and Paris, such as: Dior, John Galiano, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Moschino Chip & Chick, Jil Sander, Etam, Bluegirl, Badgley Mischka….

Every backstage is the result of plenty of invested effort and work. Filled with lots of beautiful pieces of clothing, interesting details, unusual accessories, a lot of seductive fragrances, unusual shoes and amazing models is actually the main entrance into the world of the imagination of designers. Work of each designer represents a combination of uniqueness and hard work.


Male models getting a equal position in the fashion industry?

Fashion is an area which we use to express our feelings and attitudes , no matter on the gender. It’s normal if the male models are getting a equal position in this bussines- fashion is not only for females. There’s room for all talented, persistent and hard working people.

I really enjoy being the part of the amazing fashion world and walking on the runway. Every high professional and successful business requires a highly-professional and successful people. I am always trying to learn more from my elder, more experienced colleagues.


A fashionista?

I am not some crazy fashionista. I enjoy wearing everything that makes me feel good and comfortable. I love to wear designer clothes, combined with designs made by my mother. She is amazingly talented and creative woman. She sews clothes only for me, just as I like.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I’m pretty good in handling the unexpected situations. I just need that particular moment to happen and I will come up with some idea.

Atracting someone’s attention

Little black dress. It always works ;)

Having fun, enjoying life

I always enjoy traveling. Energy that you feel by discovering a new place, culture, traditions and languages was something that always inspired me to accept the new chalenges and adventures. Also, spending most of time with my family and friends brings me a lot of amazing moments in which I completely enjoy.

Craziest thing in a summertime season

The craziest… I will keep it for myself !! lol

Fav body part and why My legs & eyes – I just love them

In her Ipod

My Ipod is crowded. Sometimes it reminds me on Indian food, spicy and full with different tastes. I have no favourite singer, it depends on moment. In one moment I can enjoy in relaxing beats of Massive Atack, sometimes in sounds of r’n’b, electro, hip hop…


Fav food

I love japanesse food, especially sushi

Guilty pleasure

I don’t have it.

If you weren’t a model you’d be…

An actress, or something else in media. I enjoy being in front of the camera.

An unforgettable moment

The amazing week in Paris with my sister

The upcoming projects

I like to keep upcoming projects for myself. Don’t worry, you will definitely see the results ;)


Veni, vidi, vici!

And when you?ll come to my world?
Check it out I?m sure u?ll have a real good time under the brazilian tropical sun!

You just made me wonna come there right now!! Can’t wait to play samba and to enjoy yhe carneval on the streets of Rio! Hehe

Brasil is irresistible & I love it!

Full name: Simona Andrejic

Contact info: Marilyan Model Agency