Athletes into the fashion world. Episode 4: The olympic swimmer Simao Morgado

24 jul, 2012

In London for the Olympic games, the swimmer Simão Morgado talks about fashion, success, fans and his career

Hi folks! My name is Simao Morgado, 32 years old, olympic swimmer and I was born and live in Lisbon. I love the beach,  weather and our Mediterranean food. I surf and I love soccer as any portuguese citizen.

An olympic swimmer into the fashion world

As a matter of fact, I´ve never thought about being a model. I just got some invitations to pose for some fashion editorials. My focus is swimming and I dedicate most of my time doing this. I´ve travelled a lot and I´m now in London for the Olympics.

When I quit swmimming, I have some goals in mind and I really don´t intend to pursue a modeling career, although I think it´s really cool nowadays to see the athletes doing fashion campaigns, ads, editorials. We have a strong image associated to health and beauty.

And talking about beauty, modeling is a profession where beauty really matters, but without professionalism you won´t go to nowhere. We live in a world of fierce consumerism, where everything is analyzed according to the profit it generates. Even out of fashion, a competent professional will be successful if they combine a good image and professionalism. These 2 aspects must work together.

The fans around the world

I´m not sure if I have a huge fan around the world. I believe I have some people that follow my career as a professional swimmer. including other athletes cause I´ve been swimming for a long time and I also follow their careers. It´s nice and and very inspiring.

Nowdays, the communication is real time, so,  an event that happens in China will spread it out in few seconds through media, internet and so on.

People love to read about their idols, we have a huge and powerful media that is always looking for privacy stories on actors. I don´t think it´s wrong, but I´d rather to read more about the politicians´activities, athletes, doctors and also about a volunteer´s humanitarian work

A fashionista?

I like to wear comfortable clothes. I use to swim every day, so jean, t-shirt ou polo and I`m done! Having fun, enjoying life

Surfing, beaches, movies, snack bars, dinners, trips, dating, vacation

Fav body part and why

My muscles. They help me out to swim

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments (lol)

I don´t have a fav. I use lots of them

Craziest (nastiest?) thing in a summertime season

I won´t tell you but one of the coolest ones was surfing during a month in Bali, Indonesia

In his Ipod


Fav food

Top sirloin cap

Top swimming pools

#1 The swimming pool of Amadora´s club because that´s the place where I build up my career

 #2 National´s stadium swimming pool where I swim almost every day for my competitions. even though it needs some improvements, it´s one of the best swimming pools with specific technical requirements in Portugal

#3 Coimbra´s swimming pools

#4 Funchal´s olympic swimming pools. They have excelent technical characteristics

#5 Pieter van den Hoogenband Swimming Stadium located in Eindhoven where I got great results in the competitions

If u weren´t a swimmer, u´d be

A surfer

His hints for the aspring swimmers

Focus on your goals, training, never give up, be patient. And keep studying cause even though you reach the top of a successful career, it is very important to have an academic background for your future endeavors

Ready for the London 2012 Olympics!

During  the period preceding the competition, it´s very important relaxing and rest along with  nutrition and mental preparation.The level of training itself is not much to add cause the principal was made many months in advance.  So, this time the daily training has a role in determining the speed and improve more technical details.

An unforgettable moment

 Entering the Sydney Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony of the 2000 Olympics

The Projects

I´ve launched in Portugal with my partner Marta Villar, a swim wear line called Scullings and we are growing to reach the international market. I´m also finishing my Civil Engineering course at the Technical Institute and later on I intend to work in this area.

And here we go. Follow me in London´s 2012 Olympics!


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