Jewish model Shon Balaish: some highlights on his modeling career

26 fev, 2011

Hello everyone! I´m Shon Balaish, model (my mother agency is Elite), 23 years old born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel.I´m also studying Law to become a lawyer soon.

I started modeling 2 years ago. I was in a mall buying some clothes in a store, a guy aproached me and   asked me if I would like to become a model, so I decided to give a try and a month later I made my first book. One thing leads to other and then  did my first big job in Israel.

I love my job I enjoy every minute, altough sometimes it´s not easy being a male model. I usually go to many auditions and sometimes you take the job and sometimes not.

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When I work with the photographers I usually have lots of fun posing to their lens and doing my best. You need to feel what´s on client´s mind in order to achieve a great result. Amazing pics mean a cool teamwork. In these moments it´s just like feeling the most beautiful guy around the world lol!

When I´m not working as a model I like to dress they you see me in the fashion campaigns.


A dream? Peace around the world and love to all mankind

My aim: to become a renowned worldwide male  model and work with the best fashion designers

 5 most important thigns for me

# 1 My family
# 2 I like being nice all the time
# 3 School. Im studying to be a lawyer´
# 4 Be a good model
# 5 Have fun and spread love

I like  sports
To have fun with friends
Go to parties and to the beach
To shop and get new people to know-

Fav singer: Enrique Aglass

The Projects

After Berlin Fashion Week, now it´s time for Paris and Milano.

I love fashion. I love my job!

Thank you World of odels family. I wish u guys a terrific 2011

Shon Balaish
Contact info: Elite Model