Sérgio de Melo: the amazing stories of a famous former model and his passion for photography and directing

27 fev, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, come to Sérgio´s world! Modeling, Photography, Directing. The passion of a cool guy for the images that delight our minds and hearts

Hi folks, I´m Sérgio de Melo, brazilian, living in Rio de Janeiro, the most beautiful city around the world.I´m also a wanderer. I´ve lived in São Paulo, Europe and in America too. Photography has always been part of my life, first as a model I always used to talk to them about their way to shooting, the concept of their work. So, I think I didn´t chose to be a photographer, instead, Photography chose me.

The photographer and his style: a true identity

When you look at a picture and you immediately recognize the photographer´s style. It´s about the identity they create in their images, a true identity to their work.


The tecnology Digital X Film

Technology is no doubt a very important subject to this crazy world we live but I think that the quality you see in a film instead of digital film is still unsurpassed.


Worldwide crisis affected the fashion photography?

Despite of the worldwide crisis, the fashion photography is still essential to promote and improve even more the modeling world and I also see that we must focus on new market segments. There´s a whole new range of opportunities around!

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His work as a director

Like photography, my passion for directing documentaries came naturally as a need to express myself. First, I made a short film about Carnival in Rio for 5 France TV, then I directed the documentary “Espírito Campeão” about the triathlete career Fernanda Keller and since 1996 I´ve been in a huge project focused on life of triathletes in the Hawaii´s Ironman World Championship.

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Working with the models and the special moments

I´ve already been a model so it’s easy to me when I start shooting them and also nowadays models, in general, are very professional.

A professional teamwork is so important to achieve a great result. Creativity, inspiration, focus. Special moments happens when we have such harmonious environment

Top 5 cool places for a shooting

Volcanoes National Park (Hawaii), Fiji islands, Paris, Tijuca´s park and Reserva´s beach.



Unforgettable moments as a model

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Yes, indeed, I´ve lived amazing moments when I was a model. It was quite an exciting experience travelling around the world, meeting new people and cultures and posing for the most top fashion designers and terrific campaigns, but there comes a time you have to look for new challenges in your life. Having been a model helped me understand the insecurities of the profession, so when I am working as a photographer I always try to create a total harmony with all the crew involved. As I told you guys before, a focused and inspired teawork will achieve the best result!

In 1990, after a year and a half million tests with models (lol!) for the film Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent, me, along with 3 other models, were selected for the ultimate test shooting. As it was in early March (very cold in Paris), I went to Florida for my final preparation. The film would be made under the water and the sea of Florida would be a great place for my preparation. I spent 20 days there and then I came back to Paris fo the big day. A 15 meter pool depth was chosen for the test. First I made a dive up to 10 meters requested by the director and I stayed almost 2 minutes under the water without breathing.

[vimeo clip_id="16566172" width="490" height="490"]
The second and most difficult step was when the director instructed me to dive at a depth of 15 meters, I started well, I did most of the movements but all in a sudden I began to feel an excruciating pain in one of my tooth. The more I tried to do the movements, The more pain I felt in my tooth, so I had to go back to the surface. I felt devastated, that tooth would ruin all my efforts to get that jobm so I talked to the producers that if necessary I would pulled off my toot ! But, it wasn´t necessary because Jean-Baptiste Mondino had already approved me for the film!

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Few words, beautiful pictures!

Sérgio de Melo


photographer and director

SM Filmes

Contact info: smfilmes@yahoo.com.br
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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