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29 abr, 2012

Thanks for having me!  I am originally from Orange County, CA. My hometown, Dana Point is pretty much right in the middle of LA and San Diego on the beach.

I moved to NY almost 5 years ago and consider this my home now even though I try to get back to Dana Point as often as I can.


As far as interests go, I love food (funny, right?!), I love cooking it, eating it, talking about it, staring at photos of it, all of the above!  Luckily, I have friends that feel the same way and I have gotten to go to some pretty amazing dinners lately.  I started documenting all of these adventures recently on my new blog

How did all begin?

My mom was a model before I was born and I remember going through her old photos mesmerized by the idea that a person can basically become a living work of art when modeling.

I started when I was about to finish high school in CA and the summer after.  Then I got a scholarship to go to school in Boston so I stopped modeling to focus on school.  When I came back to CA I thought I’d missed my window but met a woman at an art show opening who asked me to shoot photos for a local magazine.

I started getting jobs from that thought so I figured I’d try & get a new agency in LA and I did and here I am years later in NY.

 The best thing about modeling is the friends that I’ve made.  Some of my best friends I met through my job and I can’t imagine my life without them.

Posing to photographers: having fun while listening good music

I really appreciate a photographer that directs me without micromanaging.  Let’s me do my thing and get into a rhythm while guiding me here and thre without trying to plan out every single movement that I make.  Also, ones that get to know me a little and play good music.  That also makes me feel more omfortable.

Besides getting a good nights sleep the night before I would say I always try to channel the emotions and mood we’re aiming for at a shoot from past experiences I’ve had.

A fashionista?

I would say yes, I am.  My closet and my style tend to be a bit skitzophrenic. One day it’s converse, jeans, and my vintage concert tees, the next it’s a polka dot dress with a striped sweater.  I just dress based on my mood but I definitely have a few favorite articles of clothing (My chunky knit Helmut Lang men’s sweater given to me by a boy & my vintage black leather moto jacket with tons of fringe are reigning at the moment).

Dating X Love 

I guess I would say be honest.  Even if it’s uncomfortable at that moment, the person will appreciate and respect you more for that later on.  Also, I’m realizing that it’s important to like the person you’re in a relationship with.  Not just love them.  You have to be friends and genuinely like each other too.


I’m scary at sports.  So uncoordinated.  It just ends up being arms and legs flailing every which way and someone eventually gets smacked on accident or Iended up falling.  It’s not pretty at all.

Atracting someone´s attention

Make eye contact and smile.

Enjoying life, having fun

If there’s one near by I would say go to the beach & swim in the ocean.  If not, then going to or cooking an amazing dinner with close friends and just laughing and eating and enjoying each others company.

In her Ipod

Lately I have had Lana Del Rey and Future Islands on repeat.  Her songs are so catchy and just love her style and how she just puts it out there.  And the guys voice from Future Islands is so different and emotional I can’t get over it.

Fav food 

Too many to choose but definitely leaning towards the savory side and most likely it will involve cheese of some sort. Oh and I can’t live without good coffee.

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

A food stylist or food writer


Be gracious always.  And don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself!

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