Sebastien Pipet:” Modelling is like an actor. You have to make people believing that what they see of you is the real you”

07 ago, 2015


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To briefly introduce myself, I’m a french model, dj and webmaster. Yes I know it’s quite different jobs from one to each other, but It allows me to do something else if I got tired of something.

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I’m the kind of guy who is unable to stand still, doing nothing. I have to move. Do something… You know ;)
Besides my jobs, I especially enjoy drawing, swimming, skating or playing volley ball. But don’t ask me to play football, I’m terrible haha. Even on Fifa 2015.

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Modeling: how did all begin 

I started my model career by a stroke of luck. I was at this time (19yo) making small movies with friends, and I wanted to get more into it. Modelling word was not even reachable in my thoughts. I subscribed to a website for castings as an actor, but sadly never got any (decent) interest by producers.

 I have to say that my pixellised web-cam avatar was not really helping me haha. But it was fine to attract some photographers who proposed me to test me ! After 3 shoots, I went to an agency who signed me. I couldn’t believe it ! Modelling was like a forbidden dream to me..

Since this day, a long way have been made. I changed agency, travelled a lot, meet thousand of people..It’s crazy how modelling changed my way of see the world. When you travel, when you meet people with different way of thinking, you realise how ‘small’ you are. Your mind start to get open minded.

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You understand more about others. You see what truly being poor is. Or how the very rich or famous ones lives. Things happens to you, things that will never happens if you stay working in an office. It’s an experience of a lifetime. It’s a luck. And ‘they’ pay you for it.

 But let’s stop dreaming and let me bring you back to the job. Modelling is like an actor. You have to make people believing that what they see of you is the real you. In a commercial picture, you are enjoying the ugly clothes you are wearing. In a fashion shooting, the pose you are striking is natural and comfortable.

As a man, wearing a string is quite unpleasant, especially when a gay-stylist insist to stay in the room when you change. But you are an object, you are paid to show the good side of it, so you keep quite as long as the notion of respect remains.

Guisseppe (campaign 1)

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Posing to photographers

 During a shooting, you have to know how to pose. How to make your clothes valuable, where is your best profile according to the lights. With experience and time, you don’t need anyone to guide you, but it’s always pleasant when a photographer share pieces of advices. Because you may know the poses, but he knows what he sees.

But for me, the funniest shootings are the jumping ones. You have to jump and pose in the same time. Pictures are soo cool… It happens that you have so much fun into a shooting that you literally don’t see the time passing and you realise it’s 5 O’clock in the morning ! But sometimes, more weird things happens too. When the client ask you to wear a condom during an underwear shooting. When you (almost) pass-out when the studio don’t have air-conditioner. But whatever.

The reward is great when you see a picture of you printed somewhere. Especially when it’s a campaign ;)

The runway shows: a priceless experience


Shows are also really important for models. It’s a better way to show them personality, and it’s a great windows for career. I had the luck to work for great names, such as Paul Smith, Armani, Roberto Cavalli, and I have to say, it’s priceless experience. But don’t get me wrong, I also made couple of creepy runways ;) And I actually love them, because I like to have fun.

One time, I manage to made models laughing on the stage without being seen/catched by audience. Yes, I’m a bad funny guy *laugh*. Another day (my god, I’m still feeling embarrassed !), a hairdresser passed more than 20 minutes on my head, trying to make something nice. But it was really bad. Few minutes before the opening of the show I went to the bathroom and completely change my hairstyle (come on… it’s also my image !). I needed just one minute to renew it. And I also needed this same minute to realise that the hairdresser was standing behind me, watching me with big eyes and mouth opened. Oups…

For another show, I had to sign posters of me than ‘fans’ ran to print after taking pictures with me.. It’s so awkward situation ! But you take it with smile, life have to be funny sometimes don’t you think ? :)

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HARPER's BAZAAR (edito print)

Male models x Female models

Sometimes I wish to be a girl. No that I really want it, but modelling is more “easy” for them, in the sense that there are more work, and more money to get. Our exposure is ridiculous compare to them. But the market is like this and I will never complain about it. Sometimes, people asked me about my idols, my favourites models, boy or girl.

 Well being honest with you guys. I don’t really have. I’m in administration with the tops of course, but I’m in admiration with everybody. Everybody can afford you something. You just have to see it.

Sebastien´s styles 

A fashionista? 

 It had to be soo cool to try different clothes ! expensive clothes ! amazing clothes ! … Well, sorry if I disappoint you, but not for me. I like my jeans, my skull-jewellery and my T-shirt. Beauty comes from inside, not outside.

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Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

 Couple of times in life happens a very funny situation. Let’s put this clear first : I’m no-one. But one time, in a crowd, someone came and said to others that I was model, and started to make them dreaming about fancy anecdotes… I immediately got the interest of everybody, and people started to ask me many things. About money, stars I met or how many girls was around me.

I have to say, it’s quite embarrassing situation. Especially when people ask to dedicate pictures. Happens even one time that a girl kissed me by force (I’m not kidding…). I feel like don’t deserve all of this. Some people might take advantage of the situation, but I’m not that kind.. I actually hate it. I usually becomes red and I began to splutter some random anecdotes.

On show business

Then comes the question about show-business. People that made them life becoming public. It’s not that they got famous, it’s that they are not unknown anymore. And as a model, you are not unknown anymore. The show-buisness is bringing to you many advantages. Success bring success.

We are living in a world where the medias outcome our lives. It’s an overwhelming power ! People need to follow idols, stars. They need examples. They need to feel that they belongs to something. And that’s where the show-buisness takes place : to light some people, showing the good sides of them life, making people dreaming about how cool can be life. Facebook is a good example I think, people usually show only good sides of themselves. It’s like a small show-buisness.

Cyrielle B (test) 

Back to models, I think our society needs us. They need to show how people are beautiful. Clubs, restaurants, brands… Only cool people here, look all me models coming here. You come ? You are cool then ! Marketing. That’s where it’s interesting for us. Many advantages to “attract” us. Then more famous you got, more incredible are the advantages. As I concern, as I previously said, I’m not pretending to be “someone”. But I’m not unknown neither, and I can enjoy many things thanks to it. I won’t deny saying I’m looking for more popularity ;)

Dating x Loving

When you travel, far from parent’s rules, your real personality show up really quickly. Being a model helped me to date many girls for example. I changed from a shy boy into a self-confident young man. Sadly because we are always moving, it’s hard go get serious relationship, unless you take a distant-one. Which I don’t want. I’m not a “mother-f*cker”, I always respect people, but you can’t keep serious into love as a model. At least that’s what I thought until I met “the one”, three years ago. She is model too, we are trying to travel together. She made me changing from this self-confident young man to a … man. :)


Enjoying life, Superpowers and Super heroes

 Didot (catalog 3)

But the rest remain into me ! I still love making stupid jokes, putting myself into weird situations to make people laugh, I still wonder if I’m more batman or superman, what I can do if I have the power to stop the time. Life without fun is not fun. But the number of candles on my cake is increasing, the reason start to take control of all of it.

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Indefini (catalog) 

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Yourself in 10 years

 Vincent (test)

I’m thinking more and more about what my future would be. I see myself working as agent or booke., Keeping producing music, and why not still into websites.

Next Chapters

As a model, we got many great opportunities. Let’s see the upcoming ones that will face to me ;)


And when you´ll come to my world Brasil buddy?

 I’m here right now ! In Goiania :)


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