Top Sebastian Sauve: “Brazil = carnival, soccer, weather, beaches, parties, way of life. Good times for sure. I’ll be there soon I hope”

02 nov, 2012

Sebastian is here, there, everywhere! He´s been working with the most prestigious fashion designers, editorials, cool campaigns and last year I met him in New York. I was walking down to 5th Avenue and I saw him by chance walking in the middle of the crowd! Hahaha it was such a cool coincidence because I really didn´t know he was in New York! lol. And he´s back to World of Models family again to share with us some of his highlights on his modeling career. Ladies and  gentlemen, there comes my bud Sebastian. Enjoy it!

Ed, the brazilian editor

Catwalks, Editorials, fashion campaigns and backstages!



Yep yep. Ermenegildo Zegna, Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, Trussardi, Benetton, Men’s department, Blanco Suites campaigns. Parke and Ronan, Michael Bastian, Marlon Gobel campaigns…

Backstage is a zoo you have no idea. Like photographers sneaking in to try and get pics, models wondering off. People trying to take things. Lack of order.  It gets messy

Worldwide economic crisis affected the fashion world?

Yeah, the economy punched fashion in the face as much as everything else and more so than some things. Milan is one of the main fashhion places yeah (awesome yeah, great place, great parties), but so is NYC, Paris, Tokyo, London etc etc etc They’re all doing what they can



Male models x Female models; who rules the fashion business?

The female models rule because they’re unique where we look the same and they sell where most guys don’t spend a lot on clothes

Sebastian Sauve, the creative director of ODDA Magazine!

Yep. it all began by chance about a year ago, I liked the idea and got talking then a job was offered. Main activity?! Organising everyone’s shit. And schedule is trés difficult, I can hardly manage it at all, especially with my blog too

Taking pics of his buddies: Intend to pursue a photographer´s career?

I don’t feel like a fashion photographer no, that’s why I don’t take pictures of fashion. That’s why they’re black and white and grainy. So you don’t concentrate on faces or fashion and rather, the mood. I won´t ever be a professional photographer no, I’ll leave that to the professionals. I’m just trying to have fun. We’re all bud’s mostly. They don’t need to help me take pictures. I figured it out all by myself

Top 5 places for a shooting and why u like them

Name any top 5 places and that’s my top 5 long as I haven’t shot there before. Get me? I like everywhere for different reasons. Top 5′s the next 5. The more random the better

If u weren´t a model, u´d be….

An Astronaut

Guilty pleasure

Sleeping for a very very long time when I know I should be up and doing something

And when u´ll come down my world bud?

Brazil= carnival, soccer, weather, beaches, parties, way of life. Good times for sure. I’ll be there soon I hope

Mother Agency

Premier Model Management

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