New faces rock, the series. Episode 20 part 1: Sebastian Sauve

25 mar, 2011

Tall, Blonde, Blue. Likes to laugh with or at. Sports, watching, drinking, games, eating, sleeping, etc. Half American half German, Live in England and have done for 12 years now.

How did it all begin: a very intriguing story!! lol lol lol


 This is always the first question in every interview and although my story is good, it´s getting repetitive so here’s my alternative Hollywood version:

I was in the jungle one day in Cambodia searching for undetonated landmines and such when I came across a secret passageway that led into an alternative world with mythical creatures and humanoids. Anyway, I had this map since I was a kid and I never knew the meaning until I suddenly recognized a structure in front of me that resembled the beginning of this map. Once I went through the structure all hell broke loose and I had to fight my way through various creatures of all sorts as well evading traps of course. I eventually came to the jewel room where there was a damsel in distress so I ditched the jewels and saved her.


She was so happy she wanted to marry me but I said no thanks and she said OMG I have to it’s my destiny! After I left her a giant gorilla came swinging off a branch and said, in an excellent radio voice, ‘Hi I’m Scott the king of the jungle and I’ve been watching you! You are so brave that I would like to give you this juice that will make your face look weird but in a good way and people will want to take pictures of you and make documentaries about you and all that jazz’. I said ‘Mr. Jungle Gorilla King, you’ve got yourself a deal’ and here I am today.

Best things about modeling


I would have to say the attention it has brought. I never thought my face would be known to so many people and featured in so many places. I live reading comments about myself from people in every corner of the world that I’ve never even met. U also like the free food and give away’s of course. And the conversing with so many new people.

First shoot: Attitude mag

My first job was for Attitude magazine. It was a new faces shoot and I was one of about 10 boys who were al shot separately. I had no idea what I was doing or what was expected of me. I was taken to a location which was on a roof of a derelict building and there was a whole bunch or builders that could see me with no shirt on wearing a kilt lol. I didn’t care much tho, it made me laugh actually which wasn’t good for the shot of course. Anyway, I couldn’t figure out what to do with my face and wasn’t getting direction so i tried a bunch of different things till eventually i turned and had sun beaming in my eyes. The Photographer immediately told me to hold that face and that that was my look. It hurt my eyes like hell but I discovered my look that day and I still use the same one. I also Pretend I lost my wallet making me look a bit sad as well lol


 A previous preparation before posing to the photographers: 309 yellow M&MS!!

When they’re good, know what they are doing and like having a laugh. A previous preparation? Yeah, I have to have exactly 309 yellow M&Ms handpicked by Guatemalan spider monkeys and delivered by midgets on a bed 100 fresh black roses.


Unusual/funny backstage?

This interview is so broad and massive, it’s intense…. Nothing springs to mind out of the ordinary. Once, I had to dress up as some sort of mythological boar creature with horns on my head and coming out of my nose and had black paint all over and had to roar like an animal. That was pretty strange.


The catwalks´s experiences


I’ve worked for loads and I’m gonna list them all. You want to know. Then look on Google or at and find out. At the moment my favourite designers are Alexus Mabille, Frankie Morello and Jaremy Scott. His Adidas stuff is the best! Shows are generally doing the same thing. Walking forward, stopping, turning around and walking back. Not much variety.

Sebastian Sauve, model

To be continued

Mother agency: Premier Model Management London 


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