Introducing Samyr Fuly

23 ago, 2012

Hi folks, I am Samyr Fuly, 19 years old

I was born in Itacoara, a small city (only 28 000 inhabitants) located in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Everyone  knows everyone´s else lol. I always like to come here to meet my family and friends

Samyr and Ed

My focus now is to work abroad as an international model, get some money to invest in my acting career. Yeah, I love the performing arts

How did all begin

I was discovered by the agent Elian Gallardo during a runway show in my hometown. He invited me to come to São Paulo and that was how it all began.

Working with photographers

I enjoy working with photographers who knows exactly how to do. It´s really cool working with a professional teamwork. We are together doing our best to
achieve a great result.

Posing naked? I don´t see any problems posing naked if you are working serious surrounded by the best team!

The catwalks

I´ve walked in Rio Fashion Hype. It was a great feeling to be there walking for a cool brand

Female models in the modeling industry

Yeahhh, they still rule this industry. Period!

A fashionista?

Shorts, t shirt and flip flops, that´s what I really enjoy when I am not working as a model

Me, a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd? Hmmmmm. I´d give a big smile to my fans. I just love them!

Show business is a dreamlike world for me, but one day I want to be part of it!

Most important things for me are the Friendship and love, they are part of each other

Running and Soccer, my fav sports and working out

To attract someone´s attention? I just look into the beholder´s eyes

I enjoy life chilling out with my buddies and being with my family. I usually go to malls and parks too

Fruits, vegetables, beans are my favorite food

50 Cent,is always on my Ipod

Ck all the way in my daily activities and for those cool sexy moments too lol

If I were not a model I´d like to be Civil Engineer

My motto is Focus, Strength, Faith!

And that´s all folks. Thanks for having me and I´m sure the best is yet to come!


Samyr Moreira Catarino Fuly

Mother Agency: Elian Gallardo Models