Sam Homan “My bookers in Premier are brilliant. When Christophe Sanchez-Vahle moved to RED in NYC he brought me over with him and they have been nothing but amazing to work with”

24 jan, 2012

Hey, my name is Samuel Homan, 27 years old and I am from Dublin Ireland.

when I´m not modeling I´m in the kitchen baking and cooking as I am also a pastry chef. I love to cook, bake and feed people. One day i hope to open up my own Pastry Resturant. I love to work with my hand so I am always trying to keep busy by doing arts and crafts. Currently when I have free time I am putting a recipe book together.

How I got into modeling was funny, a girlfriend of mine from a few years back put my photo into a competition which I won and  then  her sister sent my photo into an agency back in Dublin who signed me up and sent me straight out to my first casting of which I got and was working straight away. I never even thought about modeling but I just seem to fall into it after that.

To stop listening the music while you watch the video, just click on the stop button, located right below the page in Radio on line

I stayed in Ireland for three years and then decided to go traveling with another girlfriend and thats when I got with Premier in London and it all took off from there.

My bookers in Premier are brilliant and have always done the best for me. When Christophe Sanchez-Vahle moved to RED in NYC he brought me over with him and they have been nothing but amazing to work with and have a great relationship with them all.

The best thing about modeling is that you get to travel and meet such amazing and different people. And in down time you get to see what the world has to offer.

Working with photographers? learning and drinking!!!

What I like most with working with a photographer is when you are all on the same page and everyone is open to different ideas and seeing how different ideas work or dont work. I also love meeting and working with new photographers because it´s never the same thing twice. You always learn something new and see how different photographer like to shoot different ways.

One of the funniest times I had working was when i shoot a library for a drinks company and we spent the whole day drinking as they wanted it to look realistic and we just had the biggest party for the day and ended up dancing, singing and palying  around.

The fashion world: male X female models

I think that the modeling world is evening out with the exposure between male and female.

The tatoos

My tattoos are things that I like. I see something that I like or things are pretty and I just want it on my body.

 I intend on covering my body but it just a question of when I will be able to. They will in the end become one tattoo, but at the moment it´s my chest and half sleave on my right arm, one on my lower back adn one on my left arm. People react in different way just they would to anything else.

Yes it stops me from getting jobs but it can also help me to get jobs. They’re apart of who i am.

To stop listening the music while you watch the video, just click on the stop button, located right below the page in Radio on line

The catwalks

I am more of a commercial model so I don´t do alot of catwalks internationaly. In Ireland and in Belfast I would do shows, and I have to say each show is totally different and have loads of funny stories that go along with each of them.

A fashionista?

Not really me. I like to be comfortable and I love denim so I do wear alot of double denim. I love coats and jackets so I have a good few different ones, for all the different occasions!! Hats as well, i love a good hat!

Just imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I´m just the same as everyone else in this world and I don´t think a crowd of people would run and surround me any time soon! It would be a very flattering thing to happen I would hope that if at any stage it were to happen to me that I would hope to take it with smiles, laughter and love, and try to be as nice to them as they would be to me. Treat others in this world as you would like to be treated.

Show business, fame, success and 5 most important things for his life

I think the show business industry is a funny one. There are many great things about it and many not so great things about it, but isn´t that with every industry? There´s always a flip side to everything and you have to take the good with the bad.

Fame and success aren´t important to me. I want to be happy and that is one of the most important things to me in life. You have to try and do what makes you happy each day. I really enjoy the modeling side of my world because I get to do a job that gives me great oppirtunities and it´s only me who can take them as long as I get out there and try and get them. You can´t just sit back and let it come to you.

 5 important things in my life. love, happiness, great friendship, joy, and honesty and I couldn´t just choose one. I would choose all of them, well I try to each day.

Dating X Love

When it comes dating and love, I have been in love before but I am single at present. I don´t go looking for it but if it were to happen then great as I always find it best when you just fall into it.


I like to keep fit but I am a huge fan of any one type of sport.

Atracting someone´s attention

If I want someones attention I usually will go up to that person and just talk to them, there´s no point in doing a show and a dance, it´s just easier to say “hello”

Having fun, enjoying life

My way of having fun is hanging out with friends and great company and just going with the flow and seeing what happens, some of the funniest times I have had and will always have is with a group of my best friends, Eve, Avril, Fiona, Laila, Marlo and Sue just sitting around having cups of tea, pick n mix, and some of the funniest and best chats ever had!

Craziest thing in a summer time season

I don´t really have any crazy moments that I can think of, but I´m sure there are a good few in there!

Fav body part

My fav body part on myself is my tash when I can grow it! when it comes to woman its that special place just behind the ear and a lil bit down the neck.

One of my favourite singers at the moment is Azi Aishling as she is from my home town and is killing it state side at the moment. What im listening to at the moment on my ipod is M83 which was reccommended to me by my photographer friend Evan Doherty.

My favourite food is Eliza’s Chicken Kiev, it has to be my number one choice ever, i have had it since i was a lil one and it has always been fantastic.

Fav underwear is camando!!! free and easy!!

The Projects

 At present i am in Seoul in South Korea, I am shooting the Samsonite Ad and TVC for Asia. I also have the Stoli Vodka and GANT campaign coming out in Feb/March time, so I´m excited to see them.


Live life every day to the best you can and always try to smile and laugh your way through it, and dont worry abotu the little thigns because there all little things!

Full name: Samuel Homan
Age: 27
Mother Agency: Premier London




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