Photographer Sam Cosmai: “From a picture you can give birth to an entire book.It can be described and give a thousand descriptions”

23 jul, 2011

I dreamed of photography since I was a little child.

I started by taking mental pictures during the journey of my family from Sardinia to the north of Italy. I had just 5 years old. Then, we arrived at Barona´s neighborhood  in Milan where I began photographing my most beautiful friends.

Those  retreats are still the part of my archive that I appreciate most. Milan gives you the opportunity to meet many people in the fashion field and so I began photographing those I thought were interesting,always being affected by the extraordinary beauty of the models that invaded the city for the collections and fashion shows.

But just a beautiful face was not enough,it had to communicate me something that hardly happens in the first shots because you need a complicity made of glances and moments that arrive like something magical.

The digital era: a fan of techonology

Digital arrived at the right moment.Photos were already being manipulated at the computer so it was worth to put them directly on it. I really miss the negative- it is the soul of photography.But as a fan of the technology I’m happy to be its victim.

Worldwide economic cisis on fashion photography?

I have photographic exhibitions in my projects. Let’s hope that the crisis will end and than we can return to work. Photography is in crisis because the ways of communication have changed..Digital photos and Internet are dominating, but I accept this.I think it’s a democracy tool.It’s good that young people use it to oust dictatorships and to raise awareness of their creativity.


Perfect moments capturing perfect pictures

That’s easy!  The perfect picture is the one that I have to do next! It’s when you have a model in the right light, you get enthusiastic and you shot. It’s the photo that makes you feel the smell of different places.

Working with the models: teamwork and professionalism

It is easy, they are professionals and they know how to move and capture the objective. But eventually they don’t decide the decisive click and perhaps me neither.

I helped the models with the most relevant tool for arresting the images in time and make them immortal.

The backstages´ moments

There are many funny moments in the backstage. I remember a brazilian model, Victor Pecoraro,in his underwear in S.Eustorcio zone here in Milan. It was so handsome that neither the policemen went to tell him to dress up.


Top cool places for a shooting

I have a lot of  favorite places. In Milan it’s the Navigli zone that offers beautiful landscapes especially in the late afternoon.


From a picture you can give birth to an entire book.It can be described and give a thousand descriptions.

When you´ll come to my world?

Brazil in my future would be a great and unique experience for me.

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