New faces rock, the series. Episode 92: Ryan Marek

11 abr, 2015


Hey, I’m Ryan, a 24 year-old personal trainer living in Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York. I grew up on Long Island and moved to the city when I was 18 for college and now find myself in a far different pursuit than I would’ve ever expected; you can blame my newly holistic, universal mentality haha.


 Modeling is something that’s been in my subconscious since I was a teenager, but didn’t have the confidence I guess you can say until recently when I felt my body was where it needed to be. As a new year endeavor I pretty much just jumped into it full force. 

My first test shoot was pretty interesting because I showed up to the photographers apartment who then claims his camera is broken. I have no experience at all yet, but that was a red flag to me haha. He turned out to be very very genuine and even helped put me in contact with more photographers after we took iPhone photos haha!



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Posing to photographers: some tumultuous experiences  

I like photographers that are kind, respectful and straight forward. Everybody can have their particular preferences and interests but it’s when they’re manipulative about their motives is when things can get difficult; my comfort level completely depends on the photographer haha. I’ll just say that even though Ive only been doing this a few months, I’ve had some tumultuous experiences haha. 

The runway shows




I’ve done a handful of fashion shows since I started modeling in January and to me its always great being surrounded by so many incredible people with similar pursuits. I’ve met some incredible people that I’m still in contact with today. And when I´m walking down the runway I just think“F#!k it! Let’s do this! hahaha” 

There was this particular situation during New York Fashion Week this year where we the models were all starving and one of the models ran into an adjoining kitchen and stole a box of plantain chips for everyone. The kitchen wasn’t too happy haha. 

Male models x Female models 

Socially and demographically I think we still have to think about the fact that society is still male-dominated and homosexuality is still not as widely accepted. Therefore the market for female sexuality will be still pushed to the forefront, giving the female models higher demand than the males.






Ryan, a fashionista? 

I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a fashionista but I do have my own particular ways of dressing haha. With me what I wear as a model and as I normally dress is the same. With former punk roots I definitely like the wear a lot of black already, which is very New York and some basic neutrals with I guess you can say some urban flair which represents my personality. Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd, how u´d handle it? With modesty and composure haha.

 On show business  

It’s a tough industry that you requires 100% of your conviction in order to succeed; I’m a passionate person so it’s difficult for me to pretend. 

Dating X Loving



I’m a firm believer that relationships are a responsibility, and that a person should strive to perfect themselves before entering into relationship for both parties’ sake. I believe in honesty and freedom; a relationship should be a compliment and not a time suck; all difficult for the young, unless you find the right person… 


I used to be very much into basketball, but I prefer to practice fighting sports. Recently I haven’t been too concerned with sports so I go NY by default – go Giants, go Rangers! Basketball lost me a bit, so I’m split between Knicks and Nets with slight partiality to the Knicks. Baseball I don’t really care for, but go Yankees haha. 



Super powers and Superheroes 

The ability to have others see things exactly as I see them.

My favorite superhero is The Punisher 

Atracting someone´s attention and enjoying the best of life

With my energy 

 I stopped drinking so my examples of fun involve getting up early to go snowboarding, rock climbing during the day, going bowling at night, or typically having good conversation with good minds. 

Craziest (nastiest?) thing you´ve ever done in a summer time season  

I’ve done some crazy things in my life… 

Fav body part and why


 There’s the appropriate answer and the inappropriate answer, I’ll give you the appropriate one haha… my torso because I work the hardest to sculpt it. 

Fav underwear for all moments 

 My Adidas boxer briefs! 

Earliest childhood memory  

Castle Park in Kingston, New York. I’m not even sure if that was the real name, it was what my parents called it, and it harbored so much of my excitement.

 Nickname in school

Didn’t need a nickname, everybody knew who I was

Book, Music and Food 

There are many, but  A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson has the capacity to make the average person cosmopolitain in some respects.

 I listen to a lot of electronic, trip-hop, hip-hop, alternative. Currently my fav singer is Skye Edwards of Morcheeba and Quinoa

Fav food: Fish  

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Guilty pleasure: Pizza!

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

 Modeling isn’t my only pursuit, but probably an athlete.


Yourself in 10 years  


 An unforgettable moment: Too many to list!


Motto: A healthy body is a healthy mind 

Next Chapters 

My positivity has radiated some excellent circumstances which you’ll just have to wait and see ;)


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Full Name: Ryan Marek/ Age: 24/ Height: 6’1”/ Weight: 170 / Shoe size: 11

 Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor


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