Photographer Ryan Jerome: “When you think of Ryan Jerome you will immediately think of colors, clean and very neat. Lets call it a perfect flaw”

02 ago, 2015

Hi, thanks for having me. I was born in Singapore and have been travelling at a young age working in front of the camera as a model. I transitioned myself 8 years ago as a photographer.





It was actually a funny story. Photography was never part of my plan. I used to take small modelling gigs at school, where a photography student asked me to do a photo shoot. I agreed on it thinking I would be modelling, but was shocked when I was asked, on set, to take pictures of the student.

Immediately, I jumped into production and created some great images of my friend. Since then, I have found my true passion, improved my techniques and started chasing my dreams.








His main influences on photography 

Colors ! When you think of Ryan Jerome you will immediately think of colors, clean and very neat. Lets call it a perfect flaw.

I get influenced alot by daily life itself , How, I could portrait them interestingly in an editorial format.

Given magazines have their own mood I keep my signature style yet elevating it to match the magazines aesthetics.

The digital era creating a massive outbreak of photographers 

For sure and it definitely motivates people to start picking up their camera phone or digital camera and start taking pictures.

Creating quality images is another story. It is a self build mechanism either you are born with it or harvested by hard work.










Special moments captureing a perfect Picture  

After taking couple of images I feel instantly excited and start to have this positive feeling and spread the aura around, make some jokes , laugh around with the team. A perfect day, a perfect feeling come with a perfect picture.

Working with the models: partnership 

To be honest if my images had benefited the models with their careers in some way I feel really fortunate and thankful that I am able help somehow. Again in this industry its all about helping each other to grow to the next level. I feel proud if anyone not only the models but those who worked with me in any way starts doing major gigs and from my bottom of my heart I wish them further success.







 The funny backstages` moments

 My backstage moments are always funny because I like to have a fun environment. I joke with everyone to lighten the atmosphere.

One specific moment was unforgettable, We were in Liguria, Italy with my team shooting Spring Summer collection in mid February which is still cold but not minus temperature. I had 3 male models and we have to shoot swimwear. 

The water was super cold. So the models in their swimwear were close to the water where the boats were parked. I decided to get in the freezing water  which was slippery because of the algae on the rock, to capture the models from a specific angle. So the make up artist on set Rory Rice decided to help me out to pass the camera while I get in the deeper water.

 We folded our jeans and started to get in the water, Rory was my bridge who was in the shallower side of the water trying to pass my Camera and equipments. Freezing water, slippery rocks and camera equipments definitely a challenge. It felt like we were performing the slowest martial art Tai Chi. Getting the image as fast as possible,

We got out of the water and someone took some backstage pictures of that incident and you could see the expression when Rory got out of the water Numb and finally feeling his feet was priceless. Although it was hard work trying to get an image it was an experience I will never forget and feel grateful how dedicated my team were to make this happen.

Top 5 cool favorite places and why 

1. Los Angeles / I love that the weather is almost perfect around the year and I get to work with interesting celebrities and talents who extremely motivated and efficient.

2. Milan / Is ground zero for many talents to build their unique style and I love collaborating with fresh talents from all sorts of background.

3. Paris / Location is simply breathtaking and inspires you to feel the Parisian way of life in my photography

4. Tokyo / Japan in general is inspiring but tokyo is one of the fast moving and busiest cities i ever worked. I love being busy.

5. Berlin / Love the eclectic assortment of architecture.




Consist of delicateness, technique, story and curiosity.

 Superpowers and Superheroes

 Mind Reading. Phoenix from Xmen

Earliest childhood memory

In my grandmums place in a huge netted basket and me having my half boiled eggs.

Nickname in school


 Yourself in 10 years

You never know what will happen in 10 years. But I wish by then I could play a much important role in the fashion photography industry and have a create a household name in the film industry.






The Projects and Unforgettable Moments

Currently I am working on couple of magazines for their fall winter issues, Seventeen magazine , Men moments cover shoot, and GQ. The style of the magazines are different one day you are shooting a fun playful young spirited story , the next you are shooting a preppy menswear story. can`t complain its exciting!

I recently shot a fall winter story with a female model in almost 42 degrees heat in Milan. Concrete surrounding and you melt instantly even wearing little clothes.

I was so impressed and inspired by the female model who did not complain and worked professionally. The images came out amazing and I am impressed and cant wait to share it upon its release.

With such positive work ethic you could be very successful.

The next special moment in my career ; I started a new production company with my partner Erick Stryker called Eggy production based out of Los Angeles , and I am super excited to explore film and fashion.


Start your day with Positive people


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