Rhyan Atrice: The best thing that the modeling industry has done for me was BUILD MY CONFIDENCE

02 abr, 2012

FIRST of all can I be freaked out….(OMGOOODNESSS WORLD OF MODELS NO-WAY!!!!)…now that I got my excitement somewhat out of the way…a little about me:

I am from Fayetteville, GA a suburb of Atlanta, which is basically the greatest city in the South! Was raised by my parents and I have three older siblings.

My personal interests are varied but college is one of them. Currently I am studying Public Relations and International Business at BYU. I love to exercise. I am actually a sprinter for the university.


My distances are the 100, 200 & the 400-meter sprints and both sprint relays. I enjoy spending time with family, friends and girlfriend. Yet, my favorite past time is MODELING!


How did all begin: on a family vacation!

My modeling story is pretty cool, or at least to me it is. I was on a family vacation and a modeling scout for Abercrombie and Fitch approached me at the age of 15. In my eyes I was an ugly kid, not your typical beauty, but she taught I was attractive. I began to look at myself differently since that day on.

The best thing that the modeling industry has done for me was BUILD MY CONFIDENCE! Plenty of people meet me and say things like, “Wow, you are so confident and humble at the same time.” I lightly chuckle to myself and think, “I was not always that way! If only they knew what it takes to gain this confidence.”

The first test shooting with his own underwear

My first test shoot was with Drexina Nelson. It was pretty funny she had me bring my own wardrobe. The sad thing is the only thing we used that was mine were my underwear! Hahahaa…I was so intimidated by her, the make-up people and the camera…however, that day I walked out of there with some great pictures and I saw my potential.


Ethnic models on the modeling industry

Living in the US and being a minority is pretty rough. Yet as the industry recognizes more and more that minorities well suitable for this industry. I have seen just in the last 5 years a huge turn around for blacks, Hispanics and Asian models. I am fully confident that the industry will continue to see improvements in the race mixtures, in the years to come.

Funny backstages stories?

There aren’t many stories that I can tell about the back stage, except I think the world´s most funny people are models. I never laugh so much except when I am backstage getting ready for a commercial, show or just off camera waiting.

The modeling world: men are nipping at their heels!

Let’s be honest Women will always rule the world, I believe Beyonce said it best in her recent single, “Girls.” Even though, the ladies own the catwalk and the billboards. The men are nipping at their heels! So, women run the modeling industry but, men make the modeling industry interesting, especially in recent years. It has been male models that have cause the fashion industry to stop and stare.



A fashionista?

My wardrobe now that I have started paying attention to the trends is actually quiet extensive. Mostly I am a denim guy. A pair of jeans is all I need to fill complete. However, if I were to describe my style I would say it is a mixture of GAP, A/X, Zara, B.SON and a few more…. Hopefully in the near future I’ll have more classy brands in my closet, but that’s majority of it for now.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

If I was in a public place and people erupted in an up roar over me, I would probably first freak out with them and turn around looking for the famous person! Hahahaaa. Once I realize they are freaking out about me, I would most likely just start taking pictures with them (as long as I felt my life was not in danger!) After that I would probably feel pretty happy about myself and post stuff on facebook! Ha

Show biz, fame, success, the five most important things for his life..

Who in their right mind would turn down Show Biz?!!? I love the entertainment industry! Fame and success to me is making money and changing lives. I would love to have covers of Gentlemen’s Quarterly and Details, furthermore; I want to grow my talent in the acting industry as well as modeling. However I will always consider myself a Model first!

My top five things to do before I die would be:
1st be a SUPER HUSBAND to and awesome women! The reason why I want this is because the world can be a lonely place and I want company for eternity! =^)
2nd then a SUPER FATHER…I have had a great dad and many more father figures. So I want to be one someday!
3rd become a SUPER MODEL that happens to be a great actor. BASICALLY that would be the life to have!
4th I’d love to be a Coach. Someone who inspires kids and helps them reach their maximum potential.
5th I would have to say I must live a full and happy life! What else is there to say!

Dating X Loving

The type of girls I am attracted to are very modelesque  (if that is even a word). Like they need to have a great face, rocking body and a stellar personality. I have dated every race  in the world from; white, black, yellow, red etc…  My love-life is pretty small. I have a girlfriend and she is awesome. At times it gets rough but I can’t imagine going through what we go through, with anyone else. I am grateful for her in my life. I pretty much love her guts! =^)


I am on a nationally ranked track and field team, here in the US. And this year we plan on going to the Championships! I am a pretty fast sprinter lol! =^)

Having fun, enjoying life

I love going to Park City UT and visiting ski resorts and Cruises are always a great way to except life! ha!

Fav body part

To ask me to pick my favorite body part is tough, but I’d have to say that area right below my belly button and above my dong lol…it just looks really good in low-rider jeans without a shirt.

In his Ipod

Believe it or not I have a wide array of music and I go through phases. Currently I am in a Chill & House music phase. Artist and Dj’s like: David Guetta, Wynter Gordon, Florence & the Machine, Ellie Goulding, Rihanna  Yet, my fav artist/dancer/actor/singer is CHRIS BROWN! He is just the bomb; it doesn’t get any better than him! =^)

The Projects

I am hoping to get sign to new agencies in NYC and LA! Also, I am doing a project with a pretty kool photographer and some sick make-up artist. It is a fashion video. It will be sexy, with a little hint of skin but the focus will be love. I’ll make sure to let you guys know when we wrap it up!
A phase that I live by is “I’ll try anything once!” ;^)


-Rhy Ry

Contact info

Urban Talent http://www.urbantalent.com/

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