Stylists Roy Fire & Tal Peer: “The key of the success: Originality, stay on top of your game, be real and never take no for an answer!”

23 jun, 2011


Originally me and Roy are both from Israel, we moved to the USA 7 years ago. Roy Fire is an international creative director / fashion stylist.  I started my fashion career as a costume designer for film, television and productions, and after establishing my mark in this field I gained entry into the fashion industry.



After conquering the Israeli market, I moved on to Europe and then to New York. Today I work as a fashion stylist in burgeoning fashion, media and advertising industry. and a personal stylist for various well known artists.


Tal Peer: I was a model in the 90′s, I traveled the world walked on the big runways and posed for magazines. now I’m too old for this shit but I’m still addicted to fashion, so what a better way to get my daily dose then to be a fashion stylist! I met Roy behind the scenes of a Paris fashion show and we hooked up, and became a fashion stylist and a fashion writer.

In my work as a fashion stylist I’m styling fashion editorials as well as working personally with top artists in the business. I”m the head fashion writer and creative director of a monthly “Erroca Face Fashion” magazine. I dare to be different, cookie – cutter styles boar me.

Fashion, a glamorous world?

Fashion world might look glamorous from the outside but it is not at all from the inside. It is mainly hard work, dedication allot of meetings and rejections . But when you see your vision come to life it is the most exciting and rewording feeling in the world.

IN and OUT on fashion trends

This summer is all about strips and neon colors. It is good to invest in classics brands.

The key of the success

Originality, stay on top of your game, be real and  never  take  no for an answer!

The Projects

We are excited about the new editorial that we did with top male models Brian Shimansky, Travis Hanson and Matthew Coatsworth for Dorian magazine, and we have 2 more editorials coming out this summer with top models and surprising styling. Also we are working on a few new exciting projects witch will be reveled soon. One of them is for a TV project and the other is with a big celebrity. This summer we are also going to spent some time working in London.

An unforgettable moment: Meeting Madonna.
Places for fun: Israel
Motto: “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”


Contact Info
Facebook page:!/pages/nyc-fashioncom/141479839196142