Ronny Oosterling: “men are getting more popular and trending but women still get paid more and everything.”

19 ago, 2017

 Hi there, my name is Ronny Oosterling, I am a dutch model. My number one interest, next to modeling is fitness. I Workout 7 days a week, I can see it has become a litle obsession haha.


Modeling: how did all begin


 I began as a joke. My mother said it to me and some friends too. At some point I decided to give it a Try, So I paid for a shoot and I noticed people were really excited about me and modeling, since that moment everything started happening.


The best thing about modeling, is that it opens up a whole new life for You, the traveling, meeting people, find yourself on adventures, the exposure, I can say it really took over my lifestyle.

Posing to photographers

 It is always fun when I work with photographers. I always try to give my everything for good photos, but I always try to create a relaxed vibe around it. I can see I am 100 percent relaxed in front of a câmera. For Some body photoshoots I do a fitness prep (water depletion and carb load) to look my best, lean and ripped).

Something funny Huh? Well I got a story, my first paid job was in the Netherlands for Calvin Klein. It was a presentation show for the new underwear collection. While we were standing backstage (in underwear only) the door opened and I was a little amazed by the amount of spectators. So I just went the flow, But I guess picturing the crowd in their underwear didnt worked for me in that situation haha


_MG_8299 CK


The runway shows

 I mentioned the Calvin Klein presentation show. Other shows I did were for O’Neill and Hummels. Last year I went 3 months to Istanbul, worked a lot there for different brands. When I walk down thea catwalk I just focus on some point at the end of the runway, So that I don’t get distracted, But neitherless I mostly enjoy it.



Male models x Female models


I notice men are getting more popular and trending but women still get paid more and everything. One of my fav models is  Doutzen Kroes  because she is one of the first dutch female models who killed it in the industry. A male model who I look up to is Matthew Terry (known from Calvin Klein commercial) because we really look a like haha, So If hè can do it, Well I can do it too.

Ronny´s style

I think modeling really geared up the way I dress. For example, I used to wear beggy jeans, Now I am a skinny jeans type of guy. I guess I got more fashion like. When I am not modeling, I still  try to look good, of course. That just the way I am I guess.

MvmvNL-Ronny Oosterling-Fotografie Stefan Ammerlaan

ronny 1

ronny 14

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I will be nice of course, I think you always have to be nice to fans, because maybe thats to only time they will greet you in real life and you want to give a good image of yourself.

On show biz

The only thing I hate about the show business industriy are the “reality” shows, because

They are so fake and so scripted and most people doesnt seem to know that they are fake. I have no word for it, it frustrates me a little.



Dumbest thing u´ve ever heard a model say

 Uuuhm haha I guess “why do you give me a mentos, do you want me to ruin my diet?”  Yeah, thats it haha

Superpowers and Superheroes

 If I have a superpower?… flying for sure, it would make everything a lot cooler and easier. My favorite superhero is Batman, hè has no superpower But beats superhero’s with superpowers, thats just badass.

Atracting someone´s attention and enjoying life

 I don’t have a specific way to get someones attention, but If I have to do, I will take my shirt off… or not haha:)

Image (1)

I have different ways of having fun, I can be perfectly on my own, but with Other people, friends, girlfriend, I will have a good time too. I am ussualy everywhere during the week, guess I am a born traveller.

Craziest thing ever done in a Summer time season, body part and underwear!

I think its best for everyone to keep that a secret XD My favorite body part is my chest and I rock Calvin Klein for underwear mostly.


Music and Food

I really don’t have a favorite singer, I  enjoy a lot of music depending on my mood. Fav food, same as music, I can see I am an all- around eater.

If u weren´t a model….

I´d be searching  for some fulltime fitness related job.

Fav booking so far

It is a booking of which I know will deliver good pics or just a cool vibe during the shoot.




A cool momernt

It is  when I arrive to some beautiful place.

Ronny in 0 years

In about 10 years I see myself having everything figured out, own fitness business, still seeing the world, doing cool things.

The Upcoming Projects

I am going to travel again. I will go to India for 3 months, after that Guadaloupe and Mexico are on my schedule.

Ronny Oosterling, 22 years


Shoesize: 45


Height:  188 cm

Agency: Egos M odels

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor