Photographer Ronaldo Gutierrez: “Image worth a whole book or a unique word. The quantity of words is not important but its message is”

16 mai, 2012

I’m a brazilian photographer and I was born in São Paulo. Since my childhood I have been atracted to some classic painters such as Leonardo da Vince, Rubens, Caravaggio and others. I have always wanted to be a painter and create some pieces of art, however, I don’t  even know how to draw a circle, so I decided to create my own pictures.

 I guess that’s what differs me from the other photographers. I always try to create a story and not necessarily a photo.


The digital era really helped the photography?

I don’t think it helped because we still can’t produce a black and white picture like the old ones, and besides, the quantity of images around the world let the photography a bit vulgar; it’s not something special like it used to be.

The Projects

Mostly, I’ve been working with actors and plays, though I’m trying to push myself into the fashion world. Lately, because of my working schedule, I haven’t been able to concentrate on my controvesial, daring and authorial works, but for the second semester I will be doing something related to “Orixas” (religious representations of deity) or the recriation of classic kisses.

The models

I prefer to shoot people  who have something uncommon or different from the rest. I don’ care for beauty, I need attitude. I like the ones who have shining eyes.

I do try to help new models, but I do it for “mutual benefits”. I always tell them that when they become rich and famous, they will have to take care of me because I’m getting old lol

Crisis on fashion photography?

The world has been globalized, either you follow that trend or you’ll be left behind. I believe that studying and practicing will prepare the photographer to the upcoming future. I guess we are facing the worldwide econimic crisis just like any other profession: either you are special or you end up forgotten.

The perfect pic, the special moment

The perfect photo is the one we haven’t taken yet, but I have some that I consider my favorite, and most of them were taken accidentaly, when I was in the right place at the right time.

Any unusual/funny backtage story?

I don’t have so many backstage stories. I’m very organized and I always think in what may go wrong, and I try to solve it before hand. But I promise to be more reckless next time, and I’ll let u  know.  

Cool places for a shooting

I like old São Paulo downtown. It’s a place where I can create the Europe´s atmosphere or any other place of the world. At Parque Central near my place and Memorial da América Latina: they are all white and clean, and they become a perfect white canvas.

Any abandoned house in São Paulo, and the best of all: any desert street at night.


It’s worth a whole book or a unique word. The quantity of words is not important but its message is; and one image can even name what is nameless.

An unforgettable moment

I think that my most special moment was the Catholic Saints Exhibition on avenida Paulista in São Paulo during the gay parade. I had never had that sort of exhibition before for that unbelieavable amount of people, and because of that, it had a tremendous impact all over the world.

Upcomig projects

This year I want to walk into the fashion world and to work with other magazines that I still didn’t have the chance. I’ll be focusing on that.


Be yourself, don’t swim with the tide.

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