Ronald Martins: “I’m a fashionista because I´m a model but I do not follow trends My focus is always get ready for the next season and do my job”

30 ago, 2012

Hello my name is Ronaldo Martins, 23 years old, I’m 1.87 tall and currently living in São Paulo. Brazil.

My parents are from Campina Verde, city located in the state of Minas Gerais, but they live in Ribeirão Preto.

I´ve been a model since 2009. I have some cool works and very good experiences, but now I want to work abroad and conquer the fashion world.

I never thought about being a model. My dream was to become a soccer player like most kids here in Brazil. I played soccer up to my 19 years, but unfortunately it didn´t work it out. One day a scouter came to me when I was walking downtown in Ribeirão Preto and asked me where my parents lived. Then, he invited me to join his model agency and that´s how it all started. I’m a professional model today and I´m having a real good time

Today every time I go to a casting I feel like the first time. I try to relax, but I still get a little  bit nervous lol.

The best thing about modeling to me is to be able to meet so many people. places and cities that I had never ever imagined

The fashion market for black models

It´s getting better every day, still has a lot to improve tough, good things are on the way. Today’s designers accept most blacks in the catwalks, black models are in fashion campaigns, so I can say once again that we are on the right path!

Working with photographers: wearing a pink dress

The result is great when we are all happy, doing our best. after all we love what we do!

I don´t have a previous preparation before posing to them. I just try to feel good, positive vibes always help prior to do any work

Yes, I have a funny backstage´s story to share with u guys. I did an editorial I had to wear a pink ballerina dress! Just imagine u guys a black guy, almost 1.90m using a pink dress. I almost couldn´t breath cause it was very tight dress lol lol. But in the end all worked well and nowadays it´s one of the pics I  use  in my book lol

I´ve already posed naked twice, but it really wasn´t a full frontal. It was cool and professional

Male models x Female Models

We are getting more exposure (thanks God!), lots of cool jobs here, there and everywhere. We just want our job being recognized as we see in female models

The catwalks experiences

I love it! More people, the better. The models, the photographers, the press, the staff working a lot. You find so many people together and also it´s cool to meet my buddies, the models united lol! Catwalks have a special and unique atmosphere. A huge adrenaline you walk and see people looking at you and I thank God for allow me this amazing opportunity to work with so many cool stylists

A fashionista?

I’m a fashionista because I´m a model but I do not follow trends  My focus is always get ready for the next season and do my job.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Hmmm I have no idea how it would be, but I´d do my best to talk to everyone around me.

Fame, Success and the most important things for his life

It´s a random path like many things in life that is worth risking! .Fame and success can be the recognition of your work

Family is the most important thing for my life. They  always support me in everything I do, they always believed in me. They gave me strength, and thanks to my family here I am today in the World of Models!

Having fun, enjoying life

Chilling out with my buddies and stay with my family.

Fav body part

My nose

In his Ipod


Fav food

A carrot cake with chocolate frosting that my mother always do when I´m back home

If u weren´t a model, u´d be

Hmm, that´s a very good question. Never thought about it. Maybe I should start thinking cause I really don´t know what I´d be doing today

Upcoming projects

Catch a plane and begin a new chapter of my life. The future only God knows but i know for sure where I want to be and I’m sure the World of Models family will still hear a lot about me.


Ronald Martins

Contact info: Way Model Management!/home


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