Model Romeu Rodrigues: “I like when the photographers are quick, adjusting the correct light in order to get a great result”

28 dez, 2010

Hello World of Models family, my name is Romeo Roodrigues, I am a 24-year-old-brazilian-model from Joinville Santa Catarina and I´ve been a model since 2007. I enjoy sports, especially soccer and surfing and I`m in my first international modeling trip (now modeling in Manila, Phillippines).


My aim is to work hard doing my best into the fashion world to be able to buy a beach house someday (it will be my hiding place) to relax and catch some awesome waves hehe.
When I was 19, I was invited to do some photos and then  I was introduced to DF Models, a modeling agency located in my hometown. My first professional shooting was a pajamas catalog for Malwee but I had never seen these pics till recently.

Working with photographers: a quick job brings out a great result

I like when the photographers are quick, adjusting the correct light in order to get a great result. Before posing to them I always think about the brand´s concept, the style ahd what they really want to express when you are wearing this product.


The catwalks and their funny backstages stories

I am more a commercial model, so I did a few catwalks but I do really doing it. It´s a good energy, a huge adrenalin. I´ve walked for Calvin Klein, Colcci and Levis.

A funny backstage´s story? Lol, yeah! I was doing a fashion show with the top model Fernanda Lima. She had her own dressing room with lots of good foods. That time I really didn´t know that all those delicious foods were especially prepared to her so me and buddy just entered her dressing room and we ate almost everything we found there. I think nobody noticed the 2 gorgeous models eating a lot hehe



Fashionista? Show biz, Fame, Success…..

I’m not fashionista. T-shirt and shorts always make me comfortable
Show biz can be a good thing for your career if you really learn how this industry works. Never ever forget about where you come from, your friends, and family. Fame and success are the result of your professionalism so go for it. And health must come along with your achievements.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd

I´d pretend to be someone else just to calm down that crazy and insane  situation lol!

Atracting someone´s attention? being myself

Having fun: Surfing and a cool barbecue with my buddies after a soccer´s game



The craziest (nastiest?) thing he´s ever done in a summer time season

Bathing naked with a girl on a deserted beach lol lol

Fav body part and his secret to be in a good shape: my legs and the secret to be in a good shape is what your eat and physical activity

Fav undies for his daily activities and for those cool sexy moments (lol):  Black or white boxer briefs

Fav singer/band: Wolfmother rocks!

Fav food: Pasta, barbecue,

The Upcoming projects

Lots of great projects coming soon, I´m sure 2011 will be a blast! I intend to improve even more my portfolio and work in Asia modeling market, Also in America too.Here I go folks!


Romeu Rodrigues
Contact info: DF Model Management

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