Rio 40 Graus, the series: Model Rodrigo Pletsch

20 jun, 2015

rori9 - Cópia

Hi folks! My name is Rodrigo Pletsch, 29 years old and living in Niterói near to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


I love sports (I practice wakeboard and muay thai), gym,  science and arts. I´m a painter and a graphic designer too.

Modeling: how did all begin 

I´ve always liked fashion and some time ago a friend of mine, who was a model, took me  to a modeling agency and then I got signed to 40 Graus Models. My first test was cool and simple.

 rori4 - Cópia


The best thing about modeling is to be able to meet new people and wear a new character depending on the job.

Posing to photographers and the runway shows  

A good previous sleeping night is always very important and also a previous talk to the photographer to achieve a great result.

 rori - Cópia

Catwalk is always fun, I feel relaxed in the backstages. When I´m walking down the catwalk I just focus on the music playing  and move on.


Male models x Female models 

I think women still got much more exposure than the male models. Alessandra Ambrosio, for example, is very talented and sexy female model and also a great inspiration to me,  but  Marlon Teixeira is undoubtedly a great name into this fashion industry.  I’m also a fan of my friend Márcio and his twin brother Marcos, the Patriota brothers. They rock this fashion world!

 Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd! 

I´d give everyone´s attention and if the situation got wild, I´d run out as fast as I could :)




On show business 

It is a market that moves a lot of money.

Fav body part and underwear


 My hair because it gave me a lot of work and also its really cool to stay the way I want

Fav underwear is CK all the way :)

Craziest thing in you´ve ever done in a summer time season

 Surfing on a very huge and wild sea



Nickname in the school 

Heavy Metal because I really liked it!



 Music and Food 

Rock, indie rock and hip hop, Singers  2 pac, Eminem, Drake, among others

 Fish is my fav food

10 years from now

 Hopefully still working as a model, even if it is not my main occupation.



An unforgettable moment 

Every fashion moment is unforgettable!




” Everything is transitory “

 Next Chapters

 Currently on castings here in Brazil and I hope to travel abroad to focus on my international modeling career, meeting new  people and places around the world

Mother Agency: 40 Graus Models – Rio de Janeiro


Rodrigo Pletsch Lima/ 29 years old / 182lb / 6’2 / 12

 Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor


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